Hentai Kamen: Forbidden Super Hero

Part of JAPAN CUTS 2013

Kyosuke (Ryuhei Suzuki) is the best member of his high school martial arts club, but when he indulges in his passion for wearing women's underwear he becomes the panty-masked superhero Hentai Kamen. Based on a wildly popular manga series, Hentai Kamen may not be the hero we

Japanese Cosplay Event - Versailles Theme

Tokyo Decadance the melting pot of subculture, pop culture, and decadent culture threw a cosplay event with the theme of French Versailles harking back to the decadence of French nobility before they all got their heads cut off. I crashed the event as a revolutionary french peasant.

Underground Bicycle Parking, Japan

Too many bicycles and not enough space in Japan - so what do they do?

They dig wells in the ground and build robotic systems to store your two wheelers underground - safe from harsh weather and naughty thieves.

AP Top Stories May 31 a

Here's the latest news for Friday, May 31: US woman facing drug charge released in Mexico; Tornadoes touch down in Oklahoma, Arkansas; Mariah Carey not returning to 'American Idol'; Penguins in Japan march in African costumes.

The Mind of a Chef: Ramen

In the series premiere, chef David Chang dissects the roots of his passion for ramen dishes and tsukemen on a trip to Japan. Learn the history of this famous noodle as David visits a ramen factory, has a bowl of original tsukemen, and examines how alkalinity makes noodles chewier and less prone to dissolving in broth. Join Anthony Bourdain, Chang and PBS on this journey into the mind of a chef!

Masquerade: Karate Master, Japan

"Masquerade" is one of the most popular TV shows produced by NTV Japan. People from all walks of life participate in the contest to present their unique performances. In addition to preparing their own costumes and props, contestants exert themselves physically and creatively to bring forth their best possible performance. We hope you enjoy their brilliant works.

Japanese Steak Sandwich/Burger on Rice

Down in Shimane Prefecture while at Izumo Taisha shrine for their festival, I stumble upon this great little snack - a slice of steak sandwiched between two rice patties wrapped with seaweed. It was really really good!!! It costs about 600 yen and right across from them another shop sells draft beer for 300 Yen.

The shop is Enmusubiya just across from the main entrance to Izumo Taisha (which I mispronounced at the end like an idiot).

Japanese Bowing Deer of Nara

In the old Japanese capital of Nara, deer have been living there free from being turned into burgers for over a thousand years. They live relatively comfortable fed by hordes of photo-snapping tourists. Supposedly close contact with people have given them human characteristics. If you bow to them, the deer will bow back.

How Many Drugs Can You Buy For $20 Around The World?

How much coffee, weed, cigarettes, cocaine, whiskey, and heroin can you buy for $20 around the world? Among the countries featured: USA, Norway, Japan, Netherlands, UK, China, Colombia, Germany, Afghanistan, Sweden, France, Philippines, Canada.

Japanese Baby-Crying Sumo Festival

Nakizumo is a 400-year old tradition where parents hand over their kids to burly sumo wrestlers for the sake of their little one's health. The wrestlers along with the gyoji (referee) try to make the babies cry. The first one who cries wins. If no baby cries, they get judges to come in with devil masks to frighten the poop out the babies.

Nakizumo takes place several places in Japan but the most prominent is at Senso-ji Temple in the Asakusa ward of Tokyo. This event was held on April 29 which is a national holiday.

Japanese Penis Festival - Kanamara Matsuri

If you don't mind putting up with a bunch of d*cks, the Kanamara Penis Festival in Kawasaki, Japan is a lot of good naughty fun. Maybe not something to take your church group to or your grandmother but definitely worth checking out to see the jaw-dropping penis floats, rather convincing drag queens, and people devouring p*nis-shaped lollipops.