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Jack Rafferty surprises this musical couple at the gas pumps!

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Pumpcast News, Part 1 - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


TAVIS SMILEY | Mother's Day Tribute

In recognition of this Mother's Day, we highlight several "Tavis Smiley" guests, including Jay Leno, Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder, who spoke about their moms.

Bill Hicks on STV's The Funny Farm

On the day that would have been his 50th birthday, we have a special archive stand-up performance from legendary late American comedian Bill Hicks for Scottish TV.

In the archive clip above Hicks gives a one-off and extremely rare comedy performance in 1992 for STV show The Funny Farm.

Filmed on his first ever tour of the UK, the American comic, who was to become a legend in his own lifetime and influence a whole generation of comedians, can be seen taking the micky out of the Scottish audience who, at this stage, don't quite 'get' his sarcastic, observational jokes.

One of the most controversial and acclaimed stand-ups of all time, Hicks was born in Valdosta, Georgia on 16th December 1961. He died in 1994 at the age of 32 from pancreatic cancer.

Developing in the same comedy clubs as Jay Leno, Denis Leary and Jerry Seinfield, Hicks aim was to challenge his audience and 'make people think for themselves.'

Because of his 'take no prisoners' attitude, he was constantly in trouble with the media for his outspoken and outrageous statements and rants on religion, politics, philosophy, drugs, alcohol, music and consumer culture.

From that point of view, his influence can be felt on the likes of current no-holds-barred Scottish comedians such as Frankie Boyle. The Funny Farm launched the careers of Fred McAuley and Karen Dunbar among others.

Tonight Show: Fallon To Replace Leno

NBC has not publicly announced the changes, but rumor has it Jimmy Fallon is set to replace Jay Leno as Tonight Show host sometime next year.

The New York Times also reported that NBC is building a new state-of-the-art studio for Fallon at 30 Rock. Is this so that Fallon can stay close to Lorne Michaels? New York City maybe good for some tax breaks, but will there be enough guest stars compared to out west? Let's not forget, Fallon will also have some pretty stiff competition for guests out east.

Comedian Anthony Griffith: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

An extremely talented and hilarious comedian, Anthony Griffith has performed on the "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson," "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno and has performed on the comedy network, Comedy Central. For more information on Anthony Griffith visit http://bit.ly/JUBuWA