The Thing That God Can't Do

I can do something that the mythological Abrahamic God can't: I can forgive someone without giving them an ultimatum. Omnipotent my ass. Love is unconditional...God is not.

Mexico Man: Mechanic to Messiah

Each year, nearly 5,000 amateur actors take part in the world's largest annual open-air play.

In the passion play depicting passages from the Bible, the role of Jesus Christ is the most sought after.

This Easter, Al Jazeera spoke to Jess Flores Domnguez, a 25-year-old mechanic, who stars as the messiah in Mexico City.

The Pope Rap: Trevor Moore

From Trevor Moore's debut album "Drunk Texts To Myself" - Out March 26th on Comedy Central Records.

Trevor Moore (Whitest Kids U' Know) bids a fond farewell to the outgoing Pope in this track from his new album "Drunk Texts to Myself".

SNL: DJesus Uncrossed, Director's Cut

In Quentin Tarantino's new historical revenge thriller, "DJesus Uncrossed," Jesus emerges from his tomb and has the Romans on his radar.

Watch the extended version of the New Tarantino Movie sketch that did not air on TV!

Fist of Jesus

Before using it on himself, Jesus tried the come back from death trick on other people, with debatable results.

A short film by Adrin Cardona and David Muoz.

Rappin' for Jesus

I helped my pastor make this music video when I was in high school. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it! May the Lord bless and keep you. : )

Kai the Homeless Hitchhiker with a Hatchet NSFW Interview

A strange incindent took place in West Fresno at the corner of McKinley and Marks and FOX KMPH Ten o'clock News News was there to record it.

A driver claiming he is Jesus, plows his car into a BG&E; worker, pinning him against his truck, only because he was black.

After this, a couple of women were the first to give a helping hand thinking it was an accident but the driver grabbed one of the women and started to beat her also.

The passanger of the car, Kai, a homeless hitchhiker, who whad a hatchet with him, smacked the crazy driver in the back to help the woman in trouble.