Gaming With My Mom

In honor of Video Game Week, Jimmy debuts the super cut of Late Night fans recording themselves playing video games with their moms.

Nick Offerman Break Dances

Nick talks about his childhood break dancing career and the unique location he worked out his act before showing Jimmy some moves.

Tonight Show: Fallon To Replace Leno

NBC has not publicly announced the changes, but rumor has it Jimmy Fallon is set to replace Jay Leno as Tonight Show host sometime next year.

The New York Times also reported that NBC is building a new state-of-the-art studio for Fallon at 30 Rock. Is this so that Fallon can stay close to Lorne Michaels? New York City maybe good for some tax breaks, but will there be enough guest stars compared to out west? Let's not forget, Fallon will also have some pretty stiff competition for guests out east.