A witty collaborative project capturing and satirizing the Web 2.0 / social networking, gadget lovin' phenomenon that is now sweeping the globe, thanks in part to companies like Twitter, Facebook and oh yeah... a little thing called the IPHONE. The video is a rallying cry for geeks around the world to stand proud and unite.


The Society for Geek Advancement (SGA) was founded upon the principles that we should all embrace our inner and outer geek and have fun while doing it. As individuals who love learning, innovating and believe in possibility as well as change, the second step of responsibility is to be the geek that keeps on giving. As a member of SGA, we work together as a global community to help others realize their true potential too! Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekadvancement


Featuring: Shaquille O'Neal, Steve Wozniak, Kevin Pollak, Wil Wheaton, LeVar Burton, Jason Calacanis, Samm Levine, Felicia Day, Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht, Leo Laporte, IJustine, David Karpe, Brian Solis, Veronica Belmont, Sarah Lacy, Randi Zuckerberg, Pete Cashmore, Jonathan Coulton, Kevin Pereira, Tay Zonday, Julia Allison, and Julia Roy