Brookshire, Texas resident Michelle Clark will go down in internet history as the KABOOYOW Lady after this interview she gave to Houstons KPRC-TV about hail that hit the area.

Know Your Meme: Troll Science

Internet scientists examine the popularity of Troll Science, where the art of trolling and pseudoscience meet.

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Know Your Meme: Homestuck

Internet scientists explore the cult-like fandom surrounding Andrew Hussie's webcomic series Homestuck!

Know Your Meme: Know Your Meme: Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Internet scientist Forest recounts the arrival of Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, a twenty-something from New York who became an overnight celebrity for his undoubtedly charming smile.

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Know Your Meme: Ancient Aliens

Is it possible that the Internet was created not by scientists or engineers, but by a stroke of genius owed to a brilliant mind? Could it have been the work of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the leading theoretician in the field of Ancient Astronaut Theory? Internet scientist Forest investigates.

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Know Your Meme: Nyan Cat

In celebrating the one year anniversary of Nyan Cat, Internet scientist Forest revisits the pastry cat sensation!

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Know Your Meme: A SOPA and PIPA PSA

Internet scientists Forest and Kristina explain how the legislation of Protect IP Act & Stop Online Piracy Act can affect the community of Know Your Meme and what you can do to keep the Internet open and free.

Know Your Meme: Occupy Wall Street

Definition of the word Meme: "An idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture."

Internet scientist Forest recounts the highlights from Occupy Wall Street as we enter the second month of protests across the United States and the rest of the world.

Know Your Meme: Hipster Memes

The internet researchers at Know Your Meme explore the phenomena of Hipster Memes!

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