Slow Motion Shaolin Warriors

A human special this week on Slow Mo, as Sam and Si reveal what sets us apart from other primates, with some acrobatic help from the shaolin warriors. With limited time, and a new camera to play with, can they capture the lightning fast moves of the world's most successful animal?

Masquerade: Karate Master, Japan

"Masquerade" is one of the most popular TV shows produced by NTV Japan. People from all walks of life participate in the contest to present their unique performances. In addition to preparing their own costumes and props, contestants exert themselves physically and creatively to bring forth their best possible performance. We hope you enjoy their brilliant works.

3RUN: Axe Kick Aerial Tutorial

3RUN's Nathan Barris AKA Safe-T takes us through his technique for how to do an Axe Kick Aerial.
More Tutorials available on the 3RUNTube.

Real Life Tekken: Hwoarang Vs Bruce

Choreographed Tekken Fight | Hwoarang Vs Bruce

Kept mostly to the game regarding moves but did add some things in to put our own little spin on it too. Hope you like it. Don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe. Thank you :)

Aaron Gassor as Hwoarang
Arron Rose as Bruce Irvin

Cashback Kungfu Kid

from one of my favorit movies of all time
Cashback from 2006, instructed and written by Sean ellis.

3RUN: El Mago: Scott Young: Life's Journey's

This is a Travel Journey video from Scott Young living and loving life.

From Mexico, to France, all the way back to the US of A.
As ever, a blessed 3RUN video from across the globe.
FreeRunning, Laughing, Fun and Parkour... All the good stuff...

3RUN: Freerun the World Documentary: Mexico

A feature length documentary on the Amazing and Beautiful journey some of the 3RUN team were lucky enough to live. The Documentary takes a deeper look into what its like to be a member of the 3RUN TEAM searching out Epic times and Epic people. It also shines light on the Worldwide 3RUN family, which we are blessed to have. We would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of our Mexican brothers, Argentinian, American and Russian who joined us on this epic adventure. Finally to all our fans out there whom without them we wouldnt be doing what we are today. SO THANK YOU!!! 3RUN LOVE!

3RUN Showreel 2010 Free Running, Parkour, Martial Arts and Acrobatic stunt team.
Produced by 3RUN Media ltd.
3RUN are the World renowned Action team providing Action sequences for Feature Films, Commercials, Live shows and Events across the Globe! With over 10 years of Experience and a reputation for some of the most passionate athletes in the game.
3RUN Athletes:
Chase Armitage
Cole Armitage
Cane Armitage
Sam Parham
Curtis Small
Shaun Andrews
Adam Brashaw
Fabio Santos
James Stokes
Nathan Barris
Mat Kaye
Mat Armitage
Mike Wilson
Scott Young
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