Larry David: The Horror of Social Intercourse

This is a clip from a roundtable discussion with Larry David and the cast of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", hosted by Brian Williams. The full interview is an hour and a half long and can be found in the bonus features of the Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 DVD. In this clip, Larry describes the horror of social intercourse - one of his best sources of material...

Another clip from the interview:

Extra: Larry David: My Mother Told Me I 'wasn't special'

Comedian Larry David jokes about his upbringing with Joy Behar during her "Comics with Benefits" event at New York's 92nd Street Y. He also reveals some of the jobs he had before he became famous, including driving as a chauffeur and selling bras.

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Seinfeld Reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm

This video is only a small piece of Curb Your Enthusiasm's seventh season. It can be purchased from Amazon here:

Note: the Curb Your Enthusiasm footage has been edited out to better present the reunion's storyline and plot.

There are some instances in which editing out Larry's shiny head and the Curb characters would have subtracted significant dialogue or plot points, so they were left in.

As for Larry's hilarious but pathetic attempt to play George Constanza, it has been completely omitted to spare unsuspecting Seinfeld fans the horror, shock and pain of the unfortunate footage.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Palestinian Chicken

Somehow the topic of Chick-Fil-A vs gay marriage (latest US fascination) brought this scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm to mind. Here Larry finds himself torn between his faith and the best sex he's ever had. I don't think Woody Allen himself could've done this better.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Pig Parker

Credits go to HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm (S08E05 - Vow Of Silence), one of the best shows on television, and everyone who makes the show possible, writers: Larry David, Alec Berg, David Mandel, Jeff Schaffer, actors/actresses, directors, producers, and everyone else involved.

Larry David...thank you again and again.

If you are a pig parker...please try to do better next time.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Its Not A Reunion Sh

Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" as they talk about the seventh season and the cast of Seinfeld. For more information, log onto