Hercules Trailer, 1983

The classic tale of the Greek superman is updated (for 1983 anyway) with a boatload of cheesy special effects, stop-motion animation, and Lou Ferrigno's pulsating muscles. Instead of twelve labors, this particular Hercules must travel hither and yon at the whim of the gods, mostly in pursuit of the fair Cassiopeia. In trying to avoid death from both mortal and divine hands, Hercules fights all manner of foes (including mechanical monsters), visits Atlantis AND Hell, and rides an interstellar chariot powered by a rock.

Celebrities Sing Let It Be

Featuring Roger Moore, Huey Lewis, Jason Alexander, Ricky Lake, Josie Bissett, Alberto Tomba, John Nettles, Corbin Bernsen, George Wendt, Paul McKenna, Philip Michael Thomas, Steve Guttenberg, Katarina Witt, Tonya Harding, Glenn Close, David Faustino, Gorden Kaye, Alfonso Ribeiero, Pamela Anderson, Leslie Nielsen, Mickey Rourke, Sheryl Lee, Jamie Walters, Larry Drake, Dolph Lundgren, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Judd Nelson, Ana Alicia, Peter Falk, Kelly McGillis, Sherilyn Fenn, Rick Schroder, Bud Spencer, Robert Englund, Roy Marsden, Boyzone, Dan Jansen, Kathleen Turner, Maggie Reilly, Harpo, Maria McKee, Meja, Fab Morvan, Dee Snider - Twisted Sister, Dr. Alban, Right Said Fred, Daryl Hannah, Rednex, Michael Connor Humphreys, Michael Learns To Rock, Ten Sharp, Lou Ferrigno, Berlin, and Style.

New York Comic Con Day 1: Milo Ventimiglia, Grant Morrison

Hey! We're at Comic Con this weekend. Here's our first of many episodes from Comic Con. We'll be publishing longer versions of these interviews in the next couple of weeks. Here's a quick look at some folks we talked to and things we saw. Also, joining us is John Siuntres from Newsarama.com and the Word Balloon podcast. Thanks, John! In this episode, quick hits with Dan DiDio Senior VP of DC Comics, Milo Ventimiglia from ABC's LOST, Hulk writer Greg Pak, Lou Ferrigno (TV's The Hulk!), David Petersen who created Mouse Guard, and Walter Simonson who's writing the new World of Warcraft comics. Watch for extended versions of these interviews right here very soon! Thanks for watching. We've got two more days of fun to go. milo ventimiglia heroes comic con comiccon grant morrison comics books