The Human Piano: Super Mario Theme

More than 300 random people on the streets of Israel, each repeating one single note, creating together one harmonious melody.

No Auto-tune.

Super Mario Busters

A Ghostbusters / Super Mario Bros. Mashup

Always cross the streams.

The Soundtrack:

The Remix:

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First Person Goomba

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My name is Filipe Costa, I make videos about games for my channel "Pipoca Effects". Here is an animation I made for "Machinima Interactive Film Festival". I had a lot of work making this video. I hope you like it.
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The MACHINIMA INTERACTIVE FILM FESTIVAL shines a light on the hard-working filmmakers and animators at the forefront of this unprecedented cultural shift in online video media.

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Sou Filipe Costa, crio vdeos sobre games para o meu canal Pipoca Effects. O canal Machinima me convidou h uns meses atrs para fazer um vdeo e participar do "Machinima Interactive Film Festival" e aqui vocs podem ver o resultado do meu trabalho. Espero que gostem!
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Mario on Bikes

What an interesting day.



Taken at Harvard Square by classmates Ben and Amber.


A videogame invasion has hit Mt Hood and High Cascade! Check out Scott Stevens, Micah Hollinger, Chris Beresford, Tim Eddy, Ben Bogart, and Casey Wrightsman as they live life like it's one big game.

Music by Ground Up.

Mario Warfare: Official Trailer

Directed by Micah Moore.

Techical director Rick Burnett.

Written by Christopher G. Moore and Micah Moore.

Rob Rainbolt as Sarge

Matthew Sumner as Mario

Jarod Kearny as Luigi

Brian Lee as Toad

Alena Koch as Peach

Lead Stuntman Stephen Carr

Anthony Robinson as Bullet Bill

Emmanuel Manzanares as Waluigi

David Berberon as The King

Laugh Factory: Brandon Broady: Mario Bros. (Stand up Comedy)

To Brandon Broady, Mario is real!

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Super Mario 3D Chalk Art

Time Lapse
Artist: Chris Carlson
Photography: Mike Larremore
June, 2012 - Denver, Colorado
Music: The Boston Pops - Super Mario Theme
Both photographer and artist are for hire.
Extra Angles & Images:

Mario Kaboom 2

A fun Mario game where you shoot Mario out of a cannon in order to grab all the coins.

Super Mario Fish Tank

Genius/fish owner Cedrick Bearss turned his home aquarium into a real-life version of a scene from Super Mario Bros. World 1-1.

The pipe totally makes it, but perhaps World 2-2 or the Minus World would have been more appropriate for a fishtank.