Spinning Chocolate Joy

This is an exhibit from a chocolate factory in Melbourne Australia.

It's like a chocolate zoetrope.

Can You Name the Games and Beat the Cheat?

Beat The Cheat is coming soon to the Melbourne Magic Festival 9-13 July at Northcote Town Hall

A magic show about games and game show about magic. If you've ever stolen money from the bank in Monopoly, bumped the table in Jenga or peeked at your nanna's cards while playing Go Fish, this is the show for you.

 Love Lost...

Love Lost - Song/Video by Australian band The Temper Trap.

The Smokehouse

Smith joined forces with Victorian grower, gatherer, hunter and cook Rohan Anderson to build a pioneer-style cold smokehouse on his property just outside Ballarat. This short film by Melbourne-based production studio Commoner captures the vision of the smokehouse build and the story of Andersons motivation. A step-by-step account of the process is featured in Smith Journal volume four, on sale September 10, 2012. More info about the project is also available here: bit.ly/NV2g9e

Fireworks In Reverse [NYE 2012 Melbourne]

Ever wondered what fireworks would look like in reverse? New Year's Eve Fireworks at Docklands, Melbourne 2012.

2012 Playlist:




MUSIC: "Moon Behind the Tree" by Serphonic

Dumb Ways to Die - 1 Hour Loop

Dumb Ways to Die - First and best edition of the longest video on Youtube.

I dare you to take the challenge and watch the whole thing...

Song: "Dumb ways to die" from Melbourne Metro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJNR2EpS0jw&feature=share

Get the song:


or http://soundcloud.com/tangerinekitty/tangerine-kitty-dumb-ways-to


Set fire to your hair

Poke a stick at a grizzly bear

Eat medicines that's out of date

Use your private parts as piranha bait

Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die

Get your toast out with a fork

Do your own electrical work

Teach yourself how to fly

Eat a two week old unrefrigerated pie

Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die

Invite a psycho-killer inside

Scratch a drug dealer's brand new ride

Take your helmet off in outer space

Use your clothes dryer as a hiding place

Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die

Keep a rattlesnake as pet

Sell both the kidneys on the internet

Eat a tube of superglue

"I wonder what's this red button do?"

Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die

Dress up like a moose during hunting season

Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason

Stand on the edge of a train station platform

Drive around the boom gates at a level crossing

Run across the tracks between the platforms

They may not rhyme but they're quite possibly

The dumbest ways to die, so many dumb ways to die


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Gordon Ramsay Interview on Rove (Australia): Hilarious Insults Exchanged

Gordon Ramsay interview on ROVE (live in studio with Rove McManus).

Official ROVE: http://RoveDaily.com.au

Superstar chef, restaurateur and international TV star of shows like the F-Word and Hells Kitchen, he has won more awards than youve had hot dinners.

One of TVs most outrageous and outspoken celebrity chefs, Scottish-born Gordon initially had a promising career in professional football (soccer, to us) with the Glasgow Rangers, before an injury prematurely cut that short.

Fortunately, he was just as passionate about cooking and he graduated from a course in hotel management. His first years in the kitchen were spent training under the worlds best chefs in London and France, and in 1993 he became chef of a new restaurant that was awarded two Michelin stars within 3 years under his rule. At only 31 years old, Gordon opened his first wholly owned restaurant, Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, London and in 2001 it won its third Michelin star. This has been followed by more restaurants in London, Dubai, America, France, Prague and Ireland picking up more Michelin stars (the restaurant worlds biggest and most prestigious award) along the way. In 2007 he opened his first pub, and now has three around London.

Hes shared his tasty delights in hugely successful cookbooks over the past decade, most recently 'Gordons Ramsays Cooking for Friends'. His 2006 autobiography 'Humble Pie' is a best-seller, with the follow-up 'Playing with Fire', giving an insight into his success.

In 2001 he set up The Gordon Ramsay School Award, established to recognise talented young cooks. Gordon became one of the UK, and now the worlds, biggest and most controversial TV stars with his saucy language on award winning TV shows like Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen and The F-Word.

The Queen has even got into the act, awarding Gordon an OBE in the New Year's Honours list!

Gordon is headlining the 2009 Melbourne & Sydney Good Food & Wine Shows. Hell be cooking up a lot of great food and just a bit of mischief at the LG Celebrity Theatre.

Uploaded by Rove McManus site - http://RoveOnline.com

Diamonds on the Inside

Using diamond sensors to help treat cancer sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but for Physicist Dr David Hoxley, his own personal battle with the disease prompted an exploration of possibilities out of the ordinary.

Co-Director and Co-Producer: Stephen Scoglio
Co-Director and Co-Producer: Jasmine Funnell
Executive Producers: Dominic Allen, Joel Betts, Dave Budge
Director of Photography: Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Motion Graphics: Jonathan Poynter, Kate Guest
Sound Design: Gideon Cozens
Music: Hanna Silver
Edited By: Jasmine Funnell, Mia Hildebrand
Colourist: Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Camera Operators: Dave Budge, Joel Betts
Location Sound: Adam Afiff
Special Thanks to:
The Hoxley Family
La Trobe University, Bundoora, Melbourne
Hugh Turral
Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
Dave Budge

DIAMONDS ON THE INSIDE is a Semifinalist in the $200,000 FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition and is in the running to become the $100,000 Grand Prize Winner. It could also be named an Audience Favorite if it's among the ten that receives the most votes. If you love it, vote for it. Click on the VOTE button in the top right corner of the video player. Note that voting may not be available on all mobile platforms, and browser cookies must be enabled to vote.

High-Res Images of Cities at Night

(from ISS)

City lights broadcast our existence into the night of space. Imagine how the Earth will look to astronauts in a century's time or longer? These images are incredibly difficult to take from a spacecraft traveling along at almost 28,000 kilometers per hour. The images are held at NASA's Johnson Space Center in a special archive for astronaut photography. Watch for the great cities of Beijing, Istanbul, Melbourne, Montreal, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Buenos Aires, Brasilia (one of our favorites), and more.

Tom Ballard Live: 2012 Global Atheist Convention

A Celebration of Reason - 2012 Global Atheist Convention
13-15th April - Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre
Presented by the Atheist Foundation of Australia


Tom Ballard has performed all around Australia and the world, winning many comedy competitions. In addition to his regular performances at comedy clubs, he is a morning radio presenter on triple j.


Who Gives A Crap

Australian entrepreneur has spent the last 51 hours sat on the throne, raising cash for the developing world by fighting the good fight on sanitation. And he's winning. Griffiths is a man on a mission which, like the Who Gives A Crap toilet paper he's selling (he'll split the profits 50-50 with WaterAid), is two-fold:

Step #1: Raise $50,000 to fund the first production run of Good Goods' socially responsible bog roll; and

Step #2: Get off the toilet, raise more money, and build toilets in places that really, really need them.

Griffiths might be crazy enough to sit on a toilet at his Melbourne-based Poo HQ until he's raised $50k, but he's no drifter. This is a man who, with university degrees in engineering and economics, turned his back on a lucrative white-collar career to change the world for the better. His passion to do something meaningful for sanitation has taken him nearly everywhere in the developing world. Needless to say, he knows a lot about toilets. "It's borne out of using disgusting toilets myself and being concerned for my own personal hygiene. It's a much, much higher risk for people who live in those circumstances," he said.

The Who Gives a Crap campaign has been the sexy hook on an unsexy topic - sanitation. It's not sexy, but it matters; around the world, 4000 children under the age of 5 die from diarrhoea-related diseases every day. Every single day. Griffiths is on a mission to change that. Not by 2070, or 2080, as current estimates suggest would be the break-even point on world sanitation. No, he's cooked up a new way of raising money: "consumer-driven philanthropy". "This whole concept moves astronomically far away from what the average Australian thinks about donating," he said.


A boy gets excited over a package he received. It is an unidentified spray can. The boy runs joyfully around the block and sprays all the people he comes across. The spray rapidly grows hair on people. The boy goes overboard and he empties the can on himself.

It has big consequences...

Spray is Hvard Forland Isaksen's graduation film from RMIT Melbourne Australia, Animation & Interactive Media