Skeptic: Michael Shermer

Whether they're intelligent design advocates, psychics, or 9/11 truthers, Skeptic Magazine's Founding Publisher Michael Shermer says the world is full of people who believe weird things.

Shermer sat down with's Tim Cavanaugh at Libertopia 2010 in Hollywood to discuss why self-help gurus aren't the key to happiness, what the New Atheist movement hopes to accomplish, why liberals accept evolution but not free markets, and why he switched from global warming skepticism to acceptance.

Approximately 9 minutes.

Music by Bjorn Fogelberg (Magnatune Records).

How to Bend a Spoon with Your Mind

If you want to know how to bend a spoon (and a fork and a steel bar) with just your mind, check this out. Of course, there are many ways to bend a spoon, and for some strange reason they all require touching the spoon at some point, so that's one clue to how psychics do the trick.

RDF TV: The Baloney Detection Kit

With a sea of information coming at us from all directions, how do we sift out the misinformation and bogus claims, and get to the truth? Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine lays out a "Baloney Detection Kit," ten questions we should ask when encountering a claim.

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Genesis Revisited: A Scientific Creation Story

Genesis, Version 2.0.

Text by Michael Shermer, editor of "Sceptic Magazine" and author of "Why Darwin Matters":

"To convey the logical absurdity of trying to squeeze the round peg of science into the square hole of religion, I penned the following scientific revision of the Genesis creation story. It is not intended as a sacrilege of the poetic beauty of Genesis; rather, it is a mere extension of what the creationists have already done to Genesis in their insistence that it be read not as mythic saga but as sci?entific prose. If Genesis were written in the language of modern science, it would read something like this."

Atheist Fools

Without being arrogant or militant, this clip simply refutes the Bible's claim that the godless are deemed to be fools.