The Minecraft Matrix

"Have you ever played a game so much that you thought it was real?" Hell yeah... its called Minecraft.

Animated and created by hBRUNAV

Minecraft Tower Defense

Dig your way to the house and build towers using money you earned to buy and upgrade towers in Minecraft tower defense.

Extras: Real Life Minecraft

Extras from my Minecraft project, mostly sped up setup footage.

Watch the main video at:

Minecraft Massacre

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The millisecond between when a creeper kills you and when you feel the rage of losing all your rad diamond gear!

Crazy Christians Rant about Pokemon and Minecraft

Captured from Watchman Broadcasting's net stream in July 2011. Dorothy Spaulding and guest unintentionally entertain with their views on digital entertainment.

Well, it cracked me up. But I'm like that.

Can't get enough insanity? You can watch the channel live here:

Real Life Minecraft Block #3

Ben Purdy made this real life Minecraft block.

"Now that Im working on projection mapping it was only a matter of time before this happened. Thanks to my brother for the inspiration, he mentioned that one of the other projection mapping examples looked a bit like a minecraft block. Once the idea popped into my head I had to give it a try.

Theres a piezo element taped to the box and hooked up to an arduino. The arduino senses the physical impact with the piezo element and sends serial data to my PC. Processing picks up the serial signal and takes care of the projection and interaction (particles, etc)."

Weebl's Stuff: Weebl and Bob: Piecraft


Huge help from zekey on this one with his texture modding skills in the realms of Minecraft. Big up yourself Zee to the K. I'm not really taking the mickey out of MC either, more the people who seem to think that watching them play it while having very little in the way of funny/smart things to say is the height of entertainment.

It's not.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.