Mitchell and Webb's Office Olympics

The Office Olympics features a wide variety of events for the able and not so able office worker. The pentathlon which includes speed data entry, coffee cup curling, target elastic band firing, con the boss, and paper basketball is a highlight. But for many the gold ribbon event remains the cross office sprint on office chairs propelled only by office equipment.

This animation was first heard as a sketch on the Radio 4 series "That Mitchell and Webb Sound".

Mitchell and Webb: Love a Bit of Hot Oil

"Hear your potatoey flesh sizzle in complete not guaranteed." Take a trip to Hot Oil Towers and have some fabulous fiery fun or feel the pain at Lincoln's cutting edge theme park - Razor World in this animated sketch from their Radio 4 show "That Mitchell and Webb Sound".

Saintly Man

There's a patience to every limit.

From "That Mitchell & Webb Look", the comedy sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

Mitchell and Webb: Gift Shop Sketch

Sketch by David Mitchell and Robert Webb in That Mitchell and Webb Look Series 4 Episode 2.

Can I help you sir?

Brian is looking for a gift for his aunt, but has he come to the right place!

Find out in Part 2!

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