Corporate Cash Threatens the Environment

If there's one issue that hasn't been talked about enough in this election, it's the environment.

Yet the difference between the parties is stark: Republicans, bankrolled by polluters like the Koch Brothers, want to cut the EPA and rollback or weaken vital environmental protections like the Clean Air and Clean Water Act, laws that ensure millions of Americans can breath our air and drink our water safely.

Mitt Romney calls the EPA "a tool in the hands of the President to crush the private enterprise system," and has vowed to block needed protections on things like fracking and carbon emissions.

Interviews include Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ-7); Jason Kowalski, Policy Director at; David Doniger from the Natural Resources Defense Council and former director of climate change policy at the EPA; and Joe Mendelson, director of global warming policy at the National Wildlife Federation, who share the history, purpose, and success of our environmental laws, and push back on the Republican lie that environmental protections are bad for the economy.

David Shuster Says the President Can Celebrate if Romney Picks Rep. Ryan for VP

Stephanie Miller and David Shuster joke about Rafalca's performance in the Olympics. The conversation takes a serious turn when Stephanie asks Shuster about Romney's VP picks. Shuster says, "you might as well pop the champagne at the Obama campaign headquarters if Romney picks Rep. Paul Ryan." Shuster goes on to say that he predicts it will be Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, but "Tim Pawlenty would have been the safest pick."

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Romney Sings Concession

After calling President Obama to congratulate him on his victory in the 2012 election, Mitt Romney comforts his supporters in song.

Schmoyoho (shmo YO ho) is the vision of a magical universe where song fills every moment. Behind this vision are The Gregory Brothers.

U Didn't Build That by MC 'Bama

Barack Obama raps about "You Didn't Build That", Mitt Romney, and the 2012 campaign to the tune of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This".

Featuring cameos from Clint Eastwood, Stephen Colbert, Hulk Hogan, Julia Gillard, and Jennifer Granholm.

Lyrics below.

By Hugh Atkin


Mitt Romney strikes me, so hard.

Makes me feel like Shirley Sherrod.

Out of context, those words aren't mine.

The private sector's doing fine.

Feels good, when the economy's weak,

Responding with a national security leak.

Osama Bin Laden, I killed.

And that was a mission you didn't build.


If you've given three dollars before,

I'm asking again for a few dollars more.

Clint Eastwood and the empty chair

Would be bettter than this Republican pair.

Shut up, it's my turn.

Let's rap together. Go ahead. You've got a lot to learn.

Mr Ryan and his voucher retailin'.

Maybe he's just a brighter shade of Palin.

Mr Romney...and his friends on Wall Street.

What I'm saying is they're SuperPacking Heat.

And here is a woman Mitt killed.

But that was an attack ad you didn't build.



Stop. Obamatime.

The race is still in play.

So I gotta be careful about what I say.

And so, from the Australian nation,

I'll be introducing the Strine translation.

The Republican party in the debt ceiling fight.

Ravings of the eccentric, lunar right.

There are those who don't believe my birth certificate.

There are nut jobs on the internet.

To your guns keep on clinging.

To myself I'll be singing...

"I so in love with you."

What we need now is the Colbert Bump.

But, just for a minute lets all do the Trump.

Trump, Trump, Trump. Yeeeaah. Not bad, huh?



Hogan, this is the real American booking.

Do you smell what Barack is cooking?

Morning in America? Not quite.

It's pre-dawn, but we will soon see the light.

Financial straits remain dire.

You've got to remember I did not start this fire.

It was Notorious G.O.P.

And if you choose to vote for me,

I will not just call you maybe.

I am ready to go all the way, baby.

That promise will be fulfilled.

So join this chorus, you didn't build.



Duke Of Fancy - Romney Rhymes With Money

The world's richest man endorses the world's richest presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. "Duke of Fancy", a new web series created by John Dusenberry and Zack Keller (Dick Figures).

Ike to Obama: 60 Years of Campaign Ads

A supercut of US Presidential election ads from the 1952 Eisenhower campaign to the 2012 Obama campaign. Find out what's changed and what's remained the same over the past 60 years.

By Hugh Atkin.

You Don't Own Me PSA

Women constitute more than half of the population. In 2008, 60% of voters were women. It is estimated that 10 million more women than men will vote in this election. Despite this, women make up only 16% of Congress. Women earn only 70 cents to each dollar men make. Women of color and undocumented women make less than white citizens. Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are determined to overturn Roe V. Wade. Romney has not supported equal pay for women (The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act). Romney has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood. Romney has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Romney doesn't want health care to cover birth control. Romney says same sex marriage should be banned with a Constitutional Amendment.

Women, let's rise up. Our vote alone can win this election. A vote for Obama is a vote for your health and your right to choose. It is a vote for equal pay and equal rights. A vote for Obama is a vote for our families. It is a vote to marry who you choose. It's a vote to start a family when you choose. A vote for Obama says that we won't stand for violence against women and that rape is rape. Our vote ensures that our daughters will grow up with the same rights that we've had. A vote for Obama sends a message: This war on women must end. We will not go backwards.

This election is shockingly close. Our safety is at stake. Our silence is consent and our vote is our voice. Let's get active. Let's get out every vote we can. Let's make this election a mandate. A mandate to finally ensure women the respect, dignity and equality we all deserve! This is now. This is our call to action. Once and for all, let's take back the power that is so inherently and naturally ours!

Appearances by: Abbey Lee Kershaw, Alexa Chung, Alia Penner, Alia Shawkat, Amy Rose Spiegel, Amanda Zazi Charchian , Ana Calderon, Anna Fitzpatrick, Ariana Delawari, Arrow and Ada, Barb Morrison, Becky Stark, Brodie Lancaster, Brooke Williams, Carlen Altman, Carrie Brownstein, Cassie Carello, Chapin Sisters, Courtney Hall, Courtney Martin, Elle Wagner, Erika Spring, Hannah Johnson, India Menuez, Judith Iocovozzi, Justin Vivian Bond, Karen Elson, Kate Nash, Kate Urcioli, Katy Goodman, Kime Buzzelli, Krista Bachmeier, Kristina Uriegas, Leah Siegel, Leith Clark, Lena Dunham, Lesley Gore, Lisa Mayock, Lucy Moffatt, Madelyne Beckles, Mae Whitman, Mallyce, Maximilla Lukacs, Maria Valencia, Mecca Andrews, Meg Olsen, Melissa Coker, Mia Moretti & Caitlin Moe, Mia Lidofsky, Miranda July, Natalia Czajkiewicz, Natasha Lyonne, Petra Collins, Rachel Antonoff, Rebecca Fernandez, Rain Phoenix, Riley Keough, Ruby Karp, Ryan Roche, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Shae Detar, Sia, Sophie Buhai, Tavi Gevinson, Tracee Ellis Ross.