Pianista: Piano Playing, Howling Dog

Imagine, you are a singer and you accompany yourself on the piano.

You have a small dog who is your constant companion and watches as you rehearse. Got the picture? Now, imagine that you must be away for a few hours and leave the dog alone at home. Here is what happened while you were away.

Liberace and  Muhammad Ali

Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) recites his poem about himself, with Liberace accompanying. From the Jack Paar television show

Ted Talks: John Legend: "True Colors"

In a heart-melting moment, TED Talks Education host John Legend sits at the piano to sing "True Colors," giving the lyrics a special meaning for kids and teachers. "So don't be afraid / to let them show / your true colors / are beautiful, like a rainbow."

The Human Piano: Super Mario Theme

More than 300 random people on the streets of Israel, each repeating one single note, creating together one harmonious melody.

No Auto-tune.

12 Pianists at 1 Piano

This performance has held the world record for the most pianists performing simultaneously on one piano."