Free Pie

A traumatic comedy about life, death, pie and death.

Numberphile: Calculating Pi with Real Pies

How accurately can we calculate Pi using hundreds of REAL pies?

This video features Matt Parker. Matt believes this is the world's most accurate pie-based Pi calculation.

Delicious Pie and The Value of Patience

In our fast paced world, we expect everything at once. But Peter Redd says there is merit to waiting for desirable outcomes-- like savoring a delicious homemade pie. Aperfect metaphor for a perfect talk.


Is an introduction to a world of hyper-visual gags and handpicked brain-farts that hang together like a rock song. It is a vast universe but everything has it's place. The possibilities are endless and so is the stupid!

Feel free to laugh or cry.


Written Produced Scored and Directed by Devin Flynn

Voice actors Devin Flynn, Lance Lamont

Extra special thanks to Seth Cooper for "I'm a Pie"

Animal Development: We're Just Tubes

CrashCourse Biology #16: which lures you with pie, then goes anus to mouth...

Hank discusses the process by which organisms grow and develop, maintaining that, in the end, we're all just tubes.

Up There With Pie

A young woman learns the importance of pie as she attempts to tolerate her family's obsessive tradition.

Written & Directed by John Schimke

Produced by Jared Isham, Grant Redwine & John Schimke


Lisa Livesay
Marcia Walter
Whitney Hall
Leslie Fleming-Mitchell
Roger Nelson
Mick Montgomery

Tim James: American English (Satire)

Hi, I'm Tim James. Last week, I told you about the importance of speaking English in America. Now please enjoy this new message from me, Tim James, Republican candidate for Governor of Alabama.

[Produced by Lucas Kavner and Hunter Stuart]

Christopher Walken Wants Pie

This clip is one of only two reasons to ever watch "Gigli." The other reason is Al Pacino's appearance later in the movie.