Urban Flipper: Huge Projected Pinball

Theres nothing old fashioned about this pinball game! CT Light Concept projected a pinball game called Urban Flipper on the front of the Thtre des Clestins in Lyon, France. The bumpers, kickers, and targets make use of the features on the theaters facade.

The Fonz Pinball (Commercial, 1977)

Here's a commercial for The Fonz Pinball by Coleco, based on the Happy Days character.

This aired on local Chicago TV in the first week of December 1977.

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Grateful Dead Movie: Opening Cartoon

Album shots of Blues for Allah and Mars Hotel, space pinball and a skeleton on a bike. First 15 seconds or so is null but this is the highest quality clip found online.

Lego Pinball Machine

'Don't think Lego is just coloured plastic blocks because it's developed into far more that that, with motors, sensors, controller boards and its own programming language.'

Stewie, from Family Guy, makes his way to the #12 in this homage to Pinball Number Count from Sesame Street, originally sung by The Pointer Sisters.

Panzo Pinball

Use the space bar to launch the ball and the arrow keys to operate the flippers.