Kali the Orphaned Polar Bear Cub

Orphan of the ice: Polar bear whose mother was shot dead is nursed back to health

An adorable polar bear cub orphaned after its mother was shot dead has been making the most of its temporary home at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage.

Named Kali by the residents of Point Lay on Alaska's northwest coast who found him, the four-month-old cub is being held for observation at the zoo.

Despite his cuteness, the zoo will not be keeping the polar bear according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Bruce Woods - he will eventually be transferred to another zoo - possibly out of the state.

Incredible Footage of Bbc Cameraman and Hungry Polar Bear

For more of this incredible footage please watch 'The Polar Bear Family & Me' - Mon 7 Jan 2013 21:30 BBC Two.

This is the terrifying moment a wildlife cameraman comes face-to-face with a fierce 1,000kg polar bear looking for its next meal. The eight-foot predator repeatedly attacks the perspex cage housing Gordon Buchanan as he films a new series. For almost 45-minutes the Scottish filmmaker endures the polar bear's sustained assault as it desperately looks for a weak spot in his pod. The bear, with its powerful paws and giant teeth, was trying to get hold of the 40-year-old so she could feed herself and her two young cubs.

A Homeless Polar Bear in London: Ft. Jude Law and Radiohead

http://www.savethearctic.org - Our leaders won't listen to her, but they'll listen to you. What do you have to say to those who want to destroy the Arctic? Tell us in a comment!

Greenpeace, Jude Law, Radiohead and hundreds of thousands of people around the world are coming together to demand we save the Arctic from oil drilling, industrial fishing and militarization. Join us at http://www.savethearctic.org

Polar Bears Sparring (HD)

Polar bears spar as a way of preparing for the winter's hunting. See these giants gently play, then check out the Polar Bear LiveCams!

Tom Mangelsen: Polar Play

In March of 2010, nature photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen traveled to Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba to photograph polar bears and their young emerging from their winter dens. Watch as these tiny, months-old cubs play and wrestle while their mother keeps a close eye on them from the den.

Close Encounter with a Wild Baby Polar Bear

Bruce is in the far north of Alaska to witness the Inupiak people's annual whale hunt. While he's waiting for the whales to arrive he takes a walk on the beach with the hunters. They encounter a group of Polar Bears - a cub comes right up to Bruce, getting a little too close for comfort.

From Arctic with Bruce Parry, Alaska: Bbc Two

Did Humans Evolve From Aquatic Mammals?

Humans are among some of the strangest land mammals. For starters we can hold our breath underwater longer than any other creature and babies instinctively hold their breath under water. Could humans have once called the sea home?

Streep, McCartney Chill for Polar Bear Doc

Father-and-son filmmakers Greg and Shaun MacGillivray on their new IMAX film 'To The Arctic' about Arctic polar bears' disappearing habitat - featuring Meryl Streep's narration and Paul McCartney's music. (April 19)

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Attenborough: Polar Bear Encounter

Two cameramen out on the frozen landscape of the Arctic have a terrifyingly close encounter with a male polar bear in this dramatic video from BBC natural history series, Planet Earth.

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Ep 1: Global Warming, All About Carbon

NPR's Robert Krulwich and Odd Todd, in partnership with Wild Chronicles, present an animated cartoon series on the atom at the heart of global warming: carbon.

 Doug Allan: Wildlife in the Cold

These images offer a glimpse into life at some of the world's coldest locations. From penguins at the Antarctic to polar bears in Canada, multi-award winning wildlife photographer and cameraman Doug Allan has captured it all. His new book 'Freeze Frame' celebrates his 35 years working in the polar regions and showcases his most exciting adventures in wildlife film-making.

Lewis Gordon Pugh North Pole Challenge

Lewis Gordon Pugh became the first human to complete a long distance swim at the Geographic North Pole in nothing more than a Speedo, cap and goggles. By swimming in a region that was once completely covered in ice, Lewis showed the world that climate change is happening and we have the power to stop it.

Halftime in America: Remy Chrysler Ad Parody

It's halftime.

Both teams are listening to a Madonna performance that sounds eerily similar to a Lady Gaga song they'll hear 10 years from now.

It's halftime in America too.

People are out of work and they're hurting.

And they're wondering where all their money went.

Well, $12.5 billion of it went to Chrysler. In the form of a bailout.

But it's okay, because Chrysler is all-American.

Though technically 58.5% of Chrysler is owned by an Italian corporation.

And Chrysler manufactures many of it's vehicles in Canada. And Mexico.

But I guess that doesn't make for a great commercial.

Unlike polar bears. Or dogs. Or that digestive yogurt.

Yeah, Americans are hurting.

And their dollars are being used to bail out the chosen ones.

Instead of themselves.

What happened to freedom?

What happened to choice?


We need to guard them like Ben Roethlisberger's friend guards a bathroom door.


Written by Remy and produced by Meredith Bragg.

About 1.30 minutes.

"Halftime in America" is one of a series of collaborations between Remy and Reason.tv.