Crime Story: Introduction of Dennis Farina as Mike Torello, 1986

This is a clip from the first few minutes of the classic late 80's TV show Crime Story premiere show. Major Crimes Unit (MCU) boss Lt. Mike Torello defines his character and that of all tough cops for all time with the line "Hey you. You hurt anybody else, when this is over, I'm gonna find what you love the most and I'm gonna kill it. Your mother, your father, your dog... don't matter what it is, it's dead".

Your House Is On Fire! FAIL

Dallas-Fort Worth cop breaks in the windows of a house NOT on fire. The house next door was the structure actually ON fire. Shortly after busting several windows out, and scaring the lady by telling her that her house was on fire, the cop realized he was at the wrong house. Luckily the occupants of the real house fire escaped and no one was harmed or injured.

Bike Thief Gets Owned

Guy finds stolen bike on Craigslist 160 miles away, sets up home-made sting, confronts the thief and gets his bicycle back, thief gets felony arrest.

Update: The bike was locked up with a mid-range Kryptonite U-Lock, the thief broke the lock. The lock was never recovered.

We called the cops just before Simon started talking with the thief. It took Seattle PD 45 minutes to get there. Simon decided to confront him when they neglected to show up. Once he did, however, they rolled up as you can see in the video.

Canadians Discover the USA is Police State

Welcome to Amerika! Exactly when did she become a police state?

"We don't need any grounds. We're the United States" "Pulling away from us when we grab you is assault" BY WHOM? Accused of "making threats". Listen again & see if you hear a threat. Exactly what had he done BEFORE he was arrested? You are either free to go, or you are UNDER ARREST. NOTHING IS IN BETWEEN. Taking car keys means NOT free to go. If you are insulted, falsely accused, threatened, assaulted, what would your mood be?

Vice: Istanbul Rising

On Friday, May 31, Turkish riot police fired tear gas and pepper spray into a peaceful protest held to save Gezi Park, one of the last green areas in central Istanbul. This set off the biggest civil uprising in the history of the Turkish Republic, calling for Prime Minister Erdogans resignation. The unrest has spread like wildfire to more than 60 cities where protests are still ongoing. We landed in Istanbul the day it all kicked off.

You Stole the Wrong SD Card

NYPD must be required to wear badge cameras!

We were arrested while filming an NYPD checkpoint on a bridge between a soon to be gentrified Bronx and a quickly gentrifying Harlem. We were charged with OGA, DisCon, and resisting arrest. I was holding a bag of yarn in one hand and a canvas in the other. My partner had food in his hands when he was tackled. Even though their violent actions were unjust, we did not resist. Simultaneous with our "arrests", the checkpoint was closed down.

We were held for 25 hours.

Irish Police Smash Car Window, Threaten Pepperspray

John Monaghan is a Rossport resident and is a spokesperson for Pobail Chill Chomain, a community campaign opposing Shell's inland refinery project in north Mayo (the Corrib Gas project).

On the 22nd of February 2012, he was travelling down the road, and was stopped by members of the Police, working in the area to force through Shell's Corrib Gas project. They smash his car window in after less than 2 minutes.

Police Break into Private Home without a Warrant and Tase Residents (Cotati California)

COTATI, CA -- Police are called out to an apartment for a noise compliant by the neighbors. The three occupants inside non-aggressively exercise their fourth amendment right, refusing the police entry as they demand at gun point to let them inside without a search warrant or probable cause.

As the police quickly holster their weapons after the camera turns on, the three occupants continue to exercise their rights non-aggressively. The police respond by going into "over-the-top" aggressive mode, utilizing excessive force by kicking in the door, assaulting the female and tazing the cameraman four times causing the camera to short out. All three occupants are arrested/cited for obstruction. Incident occurred on 5/10/2013.