The Day the Country Died: A History of Anarcho Punk, 2007

"A surge of popular interest in anarchism occurred during the 1970s in the UK following the birth of punk rock. However, while the early punk scene appropriated anarchist imagery mainly for its shock value, the band Crass expounded serious anarchist and pacifist ideas, and went on to become a notable influence in the burgeoning Anarcho-Punk movement.

Many anarcho-punks are supporters of issues such as animal rights, feminism, the anti-war movement, the antiglobalization movement, and many other social movements.

The story of the movement is told by some of the most influential performers, including; Penny Rimbaud (Crass), Colin Jerwood (Conflict), Colin & Kevin (Flux of Pink Indians) Dick Lucas (Subhumans), Zillah Minx (Rubella Ballet), Gary Buckley (Dirt), Steve Lake (Zounds), Mark Wallis (Liberty), Gee Vaucher (Crass), Dave Hyndman (Hit Parade), Rob Millar (Amebix), Rodney Relax (Alternative), Stringy & Snout (Erratics) and Gerard Evans (Flowers in the Dustbin).

The interview footage is laced with both audio and visual music performance, some extremely rare, from the main performers on the scene including - Crass / Conflict / Subhumans / Liberty / Toxic Waste / Chumbawamba / Sacrilege / Inner Terrestrials & many more."

Roy Wallace / Ian Glasper / english / 2007 / 1:32:20 min.

David Cross: Gynotician

Talented and cool married couple David Cross and Amber Tamblyn have put together a little PSA about the recent scourge of shit going in related to women’s healthcare and politicians. In the clip, below, Tamblyn plays a concerned patient who’s run out of healthcare options, and Cross plays a “gynotician” with a B.A. in “biological-ish studies and political rhetoric.” It’s disturbingly funny and almost entirely too possible.

Do I Look Suspicious?

Howard University men standing against racial profiling and the killing of Trayvon Martin in February 2012

Koch Brothers Exposed, Full Documentary

Koch Brothers Exposed is a hard-hitting investigation of the 1% at its very worst. This full-length documentary film on Charles and David Koch—two of the world's richest and most powerful men—is the latest from acclaimed director Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed, Rethink Afghanistan). The billionaire brothers bankroll a vast network of organizations that work to undermine the interests of the 99% on issues ranging from Social Security to the environment to civil rights. This film uncovers the Kochs' corruption—and points the way to how Americans can reclaim their democracy.

Chris Hayes Absolutely Nails Hypocrisy on Snowden Leaks Versus Leaks That Advance Gov't Agenda

A growing array of politicians are outraged about the leaks of classified materials that have been reported in The Guardian, with people even raising borderline insane questions about the culpability of the person merely reporting this information. MSNBC's Chris Hayes had perhaps the best rebuttal to their arguments tonight by pointing to an example of another government leak provided to another reporter about what the government knows about terrorist activity, which was not in any way condemned by anyone in government. Why? Because where the White House and Congress are concerned, there are good leaks and bad leaks.Hayes' poses this logical quandary: if revealing information about how we're spying on people helps the terrorists, then are leaks that reveal we know the terrorists are changing their methods also aiding the terrorists? After all, that's also an intelligence leak that directly reveals what we know about terrorist activity, not a broader revelation about widespread shooting ants in a barrel from the National Security Agency. Well, CNN's Barbara Starr wrote a report with information leaked to her by anonymous administration and intelligence officials that reveal we know terrorists are changing their methods in response to leaks.But no one, absolutely no one, who has attacked Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden has similarly condemned Starr and whoever leaked information to her. Why? Because it advances the Pentagon's agenda, and no one really cares about leaks coordinated by the government to get out to the public.Hayes admitted that he, being a simple cable news host, does not know what does or doesn't help the terrorists, but he said that neither do the members of Congress making such wild and irresponsible assertions about the information reported in The Guardian.

Dildo Helicopter

Guy making an important political speech and this flying dildo is flying all over the place!

Edward Snowden Is NOT The Real Issue

The media's trial of Edward Snowden's character in the court of public opinion is IRRELEVANT and distracts from the real issue at handthe documents he leaked to the media show, beyond any doubt, that the US government is spying on its own citizens millions of times daily... without our consent, and in clear violation of the law and the Constitution we are founded upon.

Edward Snowden's girlfriend, his intentions, his geopolitical flight for safety... all very interesting side stories, but NOT the main story. Don't get distracted.

EW Jackson says Great Society Worse for Black Families than Slavery

Newport News, Virginia



"My great grandparents, Gabriel and Elijah Jackson were slaves and sharecroppers in Orange County, Virginia. I am a direct decedent of slaves. My grandfather was born there, to a father and a mother who had been slaves. And by the way, their family was more intact than the black family is today and I'm telling you that slavery did not destroy the black family even though it certainly was an attack on the black family, it made it difficult but I'll tell you that the programs that began in the '60s, the programs that began to tell women that you don't need a man in the home, the government will take care of you, that and began to tell men, you don't need to be in the home, the government will take care of this woman and take care of these children. That's when the black family began to deteriorate. In 1960, most black children were raised in two parent, monogamous families. By now, by this time, we have only 20% of black children being raised in a two parent, monogamous families with the married man and woman raising those children. It wasn't slavery that did that, it was government that did that. It tried to solve problems that only god can solve and that only we as human beings can solve."