Pub Loo Shocker

Leo Burnett London's new Pub Loo Shocker campaign for the Department for Transport's THINK! campaign is turning heads.

Google Glass: Don't Be a Glasshole

Google Glass might be one of the coolest gadgets around, but you'll end up becoming a total Glasshole if you don't watch out. Here's a PSA for all Google Glass owners.

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Product Voice: Meghan Peters
The Glasshole: Todd Olmstead
Co-Workers: Lance Ulanoff, Amanda Wills and Neha Shah
Bathroom Guy: Eric Larson
Bar ladies: Emily Banks and Lauren Indvik
Glasshole's Date: Elisha Hartwig
Uncool people: Lorenzo Franceschi Bicchierai and Dani Fankhauser

Cinematography: Evan Engel
Editing: Bianca Consunji
Writer/Director: Matt Silverman
Special thanks to SPiN New York for letting us film on location:

Music: Beach Damage by and Already There by Josh Woodward

George Takei PSA: Gays Beware

Funny Or Die produced this PSA narrated by George Takei explaining that if you meet someone who opposes gay marriage in the wild, it's important to treat him or her sensitively and with restraint. And maybe expose them to snazzy bow ties and Broadway shows.

Check out the clip above to see Takei, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Brad Goreski tell explain how to treat homophobes.

Demand a Vote: Jr Newtown Action Alliance PSA

In response to the threat of filibuster from five senators as well as the strong belief in President Obama's comment at his State of the Union address that "Newtown deserves a vote," Newtown students felt compelled to demand a vote.

Like their adult counterparts, Newtown students are frustrated with inaction in Washington after months of communicating with various lawmakers. They demand a vote on an assault weapons ban, limitations on high capacity magazines, and other sensible gun legislation.

These Newtown students are seeking help from adults and students nationwide to help transform their tragedy into meaningful action. The Junior Chapter of the Newtown Action Alliance plans on delivering the letters that they collect to Congress in person.

The letters can be sent to:
The Junior Newtown Action Alliance
P.O. Box 3325
Newtown, CT 06470

Social Farter

If you only fart with friends, you're not a farter. You're just a social farter and that makes it OK.

Hartford Anti-Bullying Psa: Be an UpStander, Not a ByStander

This Anti-Bullying PSA is presented by the Hartford Police, Fire, and Communications Departments. We would like to thank Charleigh Gere for the use of her amazing and powerful song STAND. We would also like to thank the Junction Teen Center, Peer Projects, and the Hartford School District for their support of this project.

For bullying related questions, please contact:

Link for Junction Teen Center

Stand, the Anti-Bullying Anthem

Not Ever

With "Not Ever, Rape Crisis Scotland has launched Scotlands first ever TV campaign aimed at tackling women-blaming attitudes to rape. The advert was launched on Monday 28 June, and was broadcast for the first time that night during coverage of Brazil's World Cup match. It will continue to be shown over the next 9 weeks on STV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

"Not Ever" addresses women-blaming attitudes towards rape such as claims that dressing provocatively, being drunk or flirting with men are contributory factors. Its hard-hitting approach is intended to make people stop in their tracks, and to shake out and challenge ingrained prejudices many people have towards women who have been raped.

Partnership for a Drug-Free America: Faces (1987)

This infamous PSA shows a young girl's face deteriorating as an eerie voice sings Happy Birthday. Originally aired in 1987, this PDFA spot scared the crap out of many kids and gave them nightmares. Enjoy!

What Most Schools Don't Teach

Learn about a new "superpower" that isn't being taught in in 90% of US schools.

Learn to code PSA

Starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,, Chris Bosh, Jack Dorsey, Tony Hsieh, Drew Houston, Gabe Newell, Ruchi Sanghvi, Elena Silenok, Vanessa Hurst, and Hadi Partovi. Directed by Lesley Chilcott.

UCB Comedy: Banned Diversity PSA (NSFW)

Racial discrimination is a serious problem. A penis growing on a face, however, is even worse.

Brought to you by UCB Comedy.

Ed Mundy

Angel Yau

John Marballi
Abbi Crutch?? eld
George Anagnostakos
Angel Yau

Make-up Artist
Lexan Rosser

Director of Photography
Ed Mundy

Angel Yau

Will Cleveland
Jennifer Treuting

SCRAPS is Will Cleveland, Ryan Hunter, Ed Mundy, Achilles Stamatelaky, Steve Theiss, Jennifer Treuting, Ben Warheit, Trevor Williams and Angel Yau.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Severe Thunderstorm watch has been Issued for Houston Texas on Tuesday January 8, 2013 and it will bring a lot of rain and Have your iPads Charged and your Cell Phones and Tablets Charged and it will bring a lot of Rain and Strong Winds the Power will go out in Houston Texas it will bring flooding and the Sewers will back up it will also bring Golf Ball Sized Hail and it will be stormy down in Southeastern Texas including Austin and Houston Don`t Go Near the Tree and Stay Away from the Windows Unplug all your Electronics or you will get a Power Surge Order your Pizzas and Chinese Food because the storm will be Powerful Have your Extra Batteries and Flashlights Ready and a Crank Up Radio Too because the Storm will be Powerful Wear your Rubber Boots and a Rain Coat and have your Hip Waders and a Rain Suit Ready and if there is a Tornado Head down to the Basement during the Tornado and you have to be Prepared for the Major Thunderstorm for Houston and Don't Wait until the Last Minute for you to be Prepared.

Nightmarish U.S. Navy Psa Warns against Dangers of Bath Salts

The U.S. Navy has released a video warning sailors to stay away from bath salts. The video is part of a new campaign titled, 'It's not a's a nightmare,' which warns sailors to stay away from bath salts and other designer drugs.
The U.S. Navy has released a disturbing new PSA to discourage sailors from taking the designer drug known as bath salts, which has reportedly become a scourge among some servicemen.
In the video, a young sailor snorts a thick white line of the drug, vomits and then suffers demonic hallucinations.

After attacking his girlfriend on a date, he passes out in his apartment and eventually lands in the emergency room, where he begins to have seizures.
In an interview for the PSA, Lt. George Loeffler, a psychiatry resident at Naval Medical Center San Diego, says bath salts users risk suffering hallucinations, paranoia and other horrific effect for weeks after "jacking up their brain" on the drug.