Hanukkah Rube Goldberg Machine

Technion students Eyal Cohen and Tomer Wassermann from the Mechanical Engineering faculty and Matan Orian and Dvir Dukhan of Industrial Engineering and Management take on the challenge to build a Rube Goldberg machine that lights the Chanukah menorah. Hanukkah is the holiday of miracles and here is another one.

WATCH BEHIND THE SCENES (the making of the film):


Eyal Cohen and Matan Orian are winners of the annual Technion Dr. Bob's TechnoBrain competition, supported by Dr. Robert Shillman in memory of Technion student Neev-Ya Durban.

The film was made in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Robotics Laboratory in the William Davidson Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management

Isaac Newton vs Rube Goldberg

This was a fun short Rube Goldberg Machine we produced in house. Mostly an experiment but definitely quite interesting and very rewarding to create.

Human-Powered Freerunning Machine

Performing simple tasks in a complex manner is what the human-powered freerunning machine is all about, BUT we decided to take a new spin on the classic Rube Goldberg machine.

Clockwork: K'nex Ball Machine

Clockwork is an amazing ball machine constructed with KNEX building toy pieces by 21-year-old Austin Granger (aka Austron) of St. Paul, Minnesota. The structure is made up of over 40,000 pieces, over 450 feet of track and it took Austin approximately 8 months to complete. Once the two illuminated computer-controlled balls take off onto the track, it really brings the beastly machine to life.

Melvin the Mini Machine

Early 2012, HEYHEYHEY had some time to spare and they felt the need to challenge themselves once again, so they set out to build another one of their chain reaction machines called Melvin.

Conveniently built in two old suitcases, Melvin the Mini Machine is a Rube Goldberg machine specifically designed to travel the world. Each time Melvin fully completes a run, he signs a postcard and sticks a stamp to it - making it ready to be sent.

Like its bigger brother, Melvin the Mini Machine also has an online non-physical side which he uses to connect to the people he meets. To keep things truly mobile Melvin uses a smartphone for his online identity.

Purdue Team Smashes Rube Goldberg World Record

The Purdue Society of Professional Engineers team smashed its own Guinness world record for largest Rube Goldberg machine with a 300-step behemoth that flawlessly accomplished the simple task of blowing up and popping a balloon.
The team spent more than 5,000 hours constructing the machine that accomplished every task ever assigned in the competition's 25-year history, including peeling an apple, juicing an orange, toasting bread, making a hamburger, changing a light bulb, loading a CD and sharpening a pencil.

Audri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap

Seven-year-old Audri built a monster trap in the Rube Goldberg style. Although it's not his first such machine, he had to have learned a lot doing this, besides having fun. What really impressed me was his realistically modest expectations and his complete joy when the contraption worked.

2D Photography Rube Goldberg

http://2dphotography.ca/blog/2011/07/rube-goldberg/ - This is our Photography-themed Rube Goldberg Machine. We hope you all enjoy the clip!

Watch our video explaining some of the process of getting this video done here: http://youtu.be/qfrmTN0Ly94

You can watch the teasers we put out in the months leading up to our Rube Goldberg Machine here:

Teaser #1: http://youtu.be/1Z-yvoslbn4

Teaser #2: http://youtu.be/M-4qPNObTcI

Teaser #3: http://youtu.be/s_MrvNUUvgY

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this video possible!! Check out the blog post above for more information.

Melvin The Magical Mixed Media Machine

Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine (or just Melvin the Machine) can be described as a Rube Goldberg machine with a twist. Besides doing what Rube Goldbergs do best - performing a simple task as inefficiently as possible, often in the form of a chain reaction - Melvin has an identity. Actually, the only purpose of this machine is promoting its own identity.

Melvin takes pictures and makes videos of his audience which he instantly uploads to his website, facebook and twitter account. Besides that he makes his own merchandise. All of this within 4 minutes of craziness which you just have to witness yourself.


Concept & art direction: HEYHEYHEY | Designteam De Ploeg: HEYHEYHEY, Frank Winnubst, Bas van Hout, Bart Bekker, Jeroen Hezemans, Wouter Corvers, Bram de Vries, Dick Lafeber | Directed & produced by: HEYHEYHEY | Steadicam operator: Joost van Poppel | Focuspuller: Adriaan van de Polder | Boom operator: Andre Philips | Sound mixed by: Bram Meindersma | Editing by: Sander van der Aa | Music: Woody & Paul | Sponsors: MU, The Cre8ion.Lab, De Ploeg, Municipality of Eindhoven.

Rube Goldberg machine parks a car!

(Translated from French) It is not necessary to have a boring video to present a technological product. That's why Ford has asked children and their dogs to present the option Ford Active Park Assist new C-MAX. It's funny!

Purdue World Record: Rube Goldberg Machine

The 2011 Purdue University Rube Goldberg machine shattered the world record for most steps ever successfully completed by such a machine. In 244 steps the "Time Machine" traces the history of the world from Big Bang to the Apocalypse before accomplishing the assigned everyday task of watering a flower. The machine is featured in the online edition of the World Records Academy and has been submitted to the World Records Academy.