Bike Thief Gets Owned

Guy finds stolen bike on Craigslist 160 miles away, sets up home-made sting, confronts the thief and gets his bicycle back, thief gets felony arrest.

Update: The bike was locked up with a mid-range Kryptonite U-Lock, the thief broke the lock. The lock was never recovered.

We called the cops just before Simon started talking with the thief. It took Seattle PD 45 minutes to get there. Simon decided to confront him when they neglected to show up. Once he did, however, they rolled up as you can see in the video.

Weed Cops

This new law is still a little foggy.

From The (206).

Ted Talks: Ken Jennings: Watson, Jeopardy and Me, the Obsolete Know-It-All

Trivia whiz Ken Jennings has made a career as a keeper of facts; he holds the longest winning streak in history on the U.S. game show Jeopardy. But in 2011, he played a challenge match against supercomputer Watson -- and lost. With humor and humility, Jennings tells us how it felt to have a computer literally beat him at his own game, and also makes the case for good old-fashioned human knowledge. (Filmed at TEDxSeattleU.)

We're So Green

This animated video celebrates green Seattle with a song written and performed by Seattle's own Chris Ballew (Caspar Babypants; also the lead singer of The Presidents of the United States of America). Like the song says - "there's so much more we can do" - and we are asking the public for their ideas and support.

Cycling Becoming More Popular in US Cities

The US has always been known for a car culture that includes many people driving big petrol-guzzling vehicles.

But in many places two wheels are now starting to replace four.

Al Jazeera's Rob Reynolds reports from Seattle.

Alice in Chains: Kashmir, Live

Friday, November 2, 2007, Alice in Chains joined the Northwest Symphony Orchestra for a rendition of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir.

The Symphony Guild is dedicated to enriching the quality of children's lives in the Northwest and primarily raises funds through an annual benefit concert, composed by Mateo Messina, with proceeds benefiting uncompensated care at Seattle Children's.

Cool Things to Find

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Produced by

Vocals by: Cara Peacock (,

Backup Vocals by: David Hudson, Steven Hudson, David Zimmermann

Lyrics: Forest Gibson, Steven Hudson, David Hudson, Rob Whitehead

Character Designs: Sarah Hiraki (

Animation: David Hudson ( & Steven Hudson (

Music Mixing: David Zimmermann (

Executive Producer: Forest Gibson (

Original "Dumb Ways to Die" Video:

Instrumental track by Tangerine Kitty: (


Why did we make this video?

Well, first off, we here at Cinesaurus really love Dumb Ways to Die. Second, we are huge fans of NASA and everything they are doing here on Earth, in Space and on Mars. We like to do anything we can to help support NASA and think you should too! Write to your Senator, call them, make sure they don't cut any more of their budget.

Who is Cinesaurus?

We are a Seattle-based creative team who loves to tell stories and make an impact on the world. We believe in supporting education, science and exploration. Our other videos include "We're NASA and We Know it" and "iPhone 5 A taller change than expected", as well as the rest of the videos on this channel.

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"Cool Things to Find" Lyrics

Find Amelia Earhart's fate

A golden cake without a sell-by date

See missing socks, of every size and shape.

Open a box with a lost Nixon tape.

Cool things to find, so many cool things to find

Cool things to find, so many cool things to find

Meet a friend that hugs your face

And a cat in a peculiar place.

Learn to love and find your mate

Avoid those who hate and exterminate!

Cool things to find, so many cool things to find

Cool things to find, so many cool things to find

Help a friend that seems a bit encumbered

Play a game with a long awaited number

Detect significant amounts of martian methane

Discover high levels of moisture in soil

Find microbial life beyond Earth for the first time

They may not rhyme but they're quite possibly

(The) coolest things to find

Coolest things to find

Coolest things to find

So many Cool

So many Cool things to find

30 Frames A Second: The WTO in Seattle 11/30/2011

A documentary film shot during the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 protest activity and contains interviews with many of the protest leaders. It was directed by journalist Rustin Thompson and released in 2000.



Where everyone washes their hands, covers their coughs and gets the flu vaccine!

Get vaccinated. Stop the flu.

Henri: Politique

Henri was asked by the Seattle Times to make a short video sharing his political opinions.

Natural Phenomena, a Timelapse

A music video by Reid Gower, featuring the planet Earth in timelapse, set to Blood Theme by DatA.

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