Slow Motion Shaolin Warriors

A human special this week on Slow Mo, as Sam and Si reveal what sets us apart from other primates, with some acrobatic help from the shaolin warriors. With limited time, and a new camera to play with, can they capture the lightning fast moves of the world's most successful animal?

Slow Motion Barn Owl Attack

How does a barn owl spot its prey? The slow mo camera captures all the action of a strike, to show Sam and Si what a barn owl's real weapons are.

Original and stunning high definition slow motion footage of animals and their actions. Brought to you by our very own team members; animal nerd Sam, and camera geek Simon.

Smarter Every Day: Mystery of Prince Rupert's Drop, Slow Motion

Mystery of Prince Rupert's Drop at 130,000 fps - Smarter Every Day 86

Being able to calculate the failure front velocity of a Prince Rupert's drop is a pretty big deal. For years this was a scientific mystery. High speed camera technology is only recently fast enough to provide data like this. Thanks to Vision Research for letting me use the V1610 to try to unravel this mystery for the public in general.

Laser Lit Alcohol Rocket Bottles with 100mW Spyder III Krypton Laser by Wicked Lasers

Laser (100mW Spyder III Krypton) burns black flash paper to ignite alcohol rocket bottles. They make fire, light, heat, and sound as they go off! More laser vids ? ?

This video was recorded at the Cremerie de Paris:

Several cameras were used to capture the alcohol rocket bottles as they shot out flames from their tops and whistled. Two slow motion cameras show the action in finer time detail. A few bottles produce beautiful blue flames inside as the fire descends down the length of the bottle.

More Videos:

Slow Motion Eyebrow Pluck

Super slow motion video of an eyebrow being plucked with a pair of tweezers. Shot at 1000 frames per second in HD with a Phantom HD camera.

Best Of Web 3 (HD)

Awesome compilation of over 250 different viral videos in just over 5 minutes.

Music: Wolfgang Gartner - Love & War

Fly to a Blast Wave Smarter Every Day

I really think it's awesome when I discover something by accident! I never thought about how little bugs handle events that greatly disturb their immediate surroundings. They're low mass, therefore they are influenced by their environment WAY more than we are. Also, just think about the processing power that is in the Fly's brain! And such a small package too!

The high speed camera used was a Phantom V10.

Dynamics of Unconfined Spherical Flames

Using the soap bubble technique, we visualize the dynamics of unconfined hydrogen-air flames using high speed schlieren video. We show that for sufficiently weak mixtures, i.e., low flame speeds, buoyancy effects become important.

For more information:

Two Fingers "Vengeance Rhythm"

Artist: Two fingers
Track: Vengeance Rhythm
Label: Big Dada
Written & directed by: Chris Ullens
Assistant and much more: Jamie Durand
Producer: Adam Farley
Editor: James Wright at Ten three
Art Director: Ciaran beale
Director of Photography: Ben Magahy
Grade: Ned Al-Astrabadi at Happy Finish
Animator: Chris Ullens
Second Animator: Cadi Catlow
Young boy: Flynn Karlsson
Pyrotechnics: Arcadia SFX
High-speed camera: Love High Speed
Studio for high-speed: Rockwell Studios
Lights: Panalux
Special thanks to: Jade Bogue & Martin Dobson at Ninja Tune


From the stick's point of view.