Jackass 2: The Valentine

Johnny Knoxville rigs the wholesome holiday, pranking Bam Margera, Steve-O and Wee-Man.

From the movie Jackass 2.

Tattoo Steve-O

"Jackass" star Steve-O has some pretty ridiculous tattoos.

Now's your chance to give him an even more ridiculous tattoo, with this flash game that lets you ink Steve-O.

"Jackass: Number Two" hits theaters Sept.


MADtv: Oprah's Jackass

Steve-O and Wee-man from MTV's Jackass join Oprah Winfrey and her husband Steadman for this hilarious parody from the late night sketch comedy television show MAD TV.

Drunk Steve-O

Steve-O from Jackass, on the Adam Carolla show, just a little bit intoxicated.

Black eye game

Steve-O from Jackass demonstrates how to play the 'Black eye game'