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Come to the 2012 Atlanta St. Patrick's Parade and Festival on March 17th at noon on Peachtree Street in Downtown Atlanta.

Liam Kyle Sullivan: Sh*Tty Pick up Artist


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All you need to know when picking up a chick. Boom.

Written, Directed, and Starring: Liam Kyle Sullivan??

Co-Director and Creative Producer: Ilana Cohn??

???Executive Producer: Mickey Meyer!/Mickey_Meyer

??Producer: Neely Shamam

??Production Coordinator: Ricky Mammone??

DP: Jon Na??

???Gaffer: Arthur Hong??

AD: Chris Miller

??Sound: Sheena Moriarty

Liam Kyle Sullivan is an American comedian, actor, editor and director. Sullivan has made several guest appearances on television programsincluding Gilmore Girls, 8 Simple Rules, and Aliasbut is best known for his internet videos. His most famous is "Shoes" which won a People's Choice Award for best user generated video.

Kelly, a cross-dressed Liam, has released an album entitled Shoes digitally through TuneCore, which consists of tracks recorded by herself, her ex-boyfriend, and her mom. Her music videos have featured guest stars such as Margaret Cho, Amanda Palmer, Dave Navarro, Lisa Nova, and Ask a Ninja.

Kelly on iTunes:

Another of Liam's characters, Susan Walker, who is Kelly's aunt, has also released an album of music, Susan Walker's Greatest Tits. The album largely consists of country music songs with explicit sexual themes, such as "Two Way Dildo" and "Shut Up and Fuck Me". The songs, however, are sung in a light-hearted, almost loving manner. Two videos have been made of songs from the album; these are "I Like to Tinker" and "Shut Up and Fuck Me".
Aunt Susan on iTunes:**s/id328453801

The videos listed below, "Dr. Ulee Sex Therapist", "Muffins", and "Love Letters", are some classic skits by Liam.

Dr. Ulee

Love Letters


His latest videos:
Tim Gunn in Project Preschool

Baby Names

Dirty Scrabble

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Round up your mates for a Guinness

To help friends get together, Guinness has trained a highly specialised sheepdog to round up mates and ensure they get to the pub on St Patrick's Day.

Gay Leprechaun: St. Patrick's Day Surprise

A little green man comes to take Yeshmin on a magical brown adventure.


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Gay Leprechaun: Surprise in the Woods!

Gay Leprechaun: Nalts Gets Lucky!

"If you Sphinx I'm an old Giza, you're living in the Nile."

-Yeshmin Blechin, 2012


Created and Written By:

Greg Benson, Aaron Yonda & Matt Sloan

Directed By:

Greg Benson


Tona Williams


Adam Koralik

Special Thanks

David Hussey

Theme Song

Eanan Patterson

Animation & VFX

Kevin Ivers


James Deuling

For those of you not familiar with Saint Patrick's Day, it's a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on the 17th of March in Dublin, Ireland. The tradition came about at the instigation of the Irish Protestant organization The Knights of St. Patrick. The inaugural parade took place on March 17, 1783. In what has been described as an act of cultural re-orientation the British established a new focus of ritual and spectacle in the figure of St. Patrick, a pre-reformation saint who appealed to both the Roman Catholic and Irish Protestant traditions in Ireland. Guarding the inaugural procession were the mainly Protestant Volunteers who were charged with keeping order on the streets and at the service in the Protestant St. Patrick's Cathedral. The subsequent celebrations took place in two venues: on March 17 in the ballroom (which the Lord Lieutenant Earl Temple II had renamed after St Patrick) of Dublin Castle, the ancient seat of British power in Ireland, in the old part of the city, and, on March 18, at the Rotunda, a site closely associated with the Volunteers leaders Lord Charlemont and the second Duke of Leinster. It supposedly commemorates Saint Patrick (c. AD 387--461), the most commonly recognized of the patron saints of Ireland, and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It is observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion (especially the Church of Ireland), the Eastern Orthodox Church and Lutheran Church. Saint Patrick's Day was made an official feast day in the early seventeenth century, and has gradually become a secular celebration of Irish culture in general. The day is generally characterized by the attendance of church services, wearing of green attire and the lifting of Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol, which is often proscribed during the rest of the season. It is also commonly marked by the unexpected appearance of a tiny gay leprechaun.

A Biologist's St. Patrick's Day Song

A 200-year-old Irish classic!

In the year of our lord eighteen hundred and eleven
On March the seventeenth day
I will raise up a beer and I'll raise up a cheer
For Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Here's to brewers yeast, that humblest of all beast
Producing carbon gas reducing acetaldehyde
But my friends that isn't all -- it makes ethyl alcohol
That is what the yeast excretes and that's what we imbibe

Anaerobic respiration*
Also known as fermentation
NADH oxidation
Give me a beer


My intestinal wall absorbs that ethanol
And soon it passes through my blood-brain barrier
There's a girl in the next seat who I didn't think that sweet
But after a few drinks I want to marry her
I guess it's not surprising, my dopamine is rising
And my glutamate receptors are all shot
I'd surely be bemoaning all the extra serotonin
But my judgement is impaired and my confidence is not

Allosteric modulation
No Long Term Potentiation
Hastens my inebriation
Give me a beer


When ethanol is in me, some shows up in my kidneys
And inhibits vasopressin by degrees
A decrease in aquaporins hinders water re-absorption
And pretty soon I really have to pee
Well my liver breaks it down so my body can rebound
By my store of glycogen is soon depleted
And tomorrow when I'm sober I will also be hungover
Cause I flushed electrolytes that my nerves and muscles needed

Diuretic activation
Urination urination
Urination dehydration
Give me a beer


Happy St. Pat's

*Actually, this isn't true. While both anaerobic respiration and fermentation occur without the use of oxygen, anaerobic respiration utilizes the electron transport chain to generate ATP, while fermentation does not. My bad. I would have remembered that if I wasn't trying so hard to rhyme.

The Muppet Show: Danny Boy

Clearly the three best singers the Muppets have ever had to offer, together at last for a memorable rendition of the traditional Irish folk song.

One Lucky Leprechaun: Kanye West

Make this St. Patty's Day ShamROCK with a hilarious JibJab Starring You! greeting. Just upload a face and assume the role of a poor little leprechaun looking high and low for the perfect pint on St. Patrick's Day. Kanye West JibJab Starring You Sendable One Lucky Leprechaun

Simpsons: St Patrick's Day

The Simpsons celebrate St Patricks day.

This video clip is the first 4 minutes of the episode.

Everyone gets ridiculously drunk.

Its priceless.