Ted Talks: Stephen Coleman: The Moral Dangers of Non-Lethal Weapons

Pepper spray and tasers are in increasing use by both police and military, and more exotic non-lethal weapons such as heat rays are in the works. At TEDxCanberra, ethicist Stephen Coleman explores the unexpected consequences of their introduction and asks some challenging questions.

Police Overreact with a Taser Gun

In this clip a swerving car is stopped by highway police, only for the officers to overreact - only slightly! - when making the arrest using his taser and pepper spray.

Philadelphia Police Tasers Baseball Fan

The teen leapt onto the field at the top of the eighth inning during Monday night's game against St. Louis. He ran around in circles in the outfield, waving a white towel, and dodged two security officers.

The police officer chased him for about 30 seconds before the stun gun probe hit the teenager, who stumbled forward, slid face-first on the grass and stayed down for about 30 seconds before standing up and walking off the field.

Plillies vs St. Louis 05/03/2010.

Taser Ad

This Hour has 22 Minutes with a Taser Ad (Parody).