The Daily Show: NBALGBT

NBA veteran Jason Collins admits he's gay, but Jason Jones was hoping for something with a little more flair.

Daily Show: Win, Lose or Straw

Barack Obama's unapologetic defense of the social safety net leads Paul Ryan to question the President's choice of rhetorical devices.

Aired Wednesday January 23, 2013

Daily Show: The First Black President 2

Released from the burden of seeking election, Obama dares to suggest publicly that a government by, for, and of the people could be, at times, helpful to those same people.

Daily Show: Any Given Gun Day

Bob Costas & Fox News

Sportscaster Bob Costas violates unwritten rules by discussing guns and violence immediately following an instance of preventable gun violence.

The Daily Show: Weathering Fights

Science: What's It Up To?

Science claims it's working to cure disease, save the planet and solve the greatest human mysteries, but Aasif Mandvi finds out what it's really up to.

Daily Show: Louis C.K., July 2012

Louis C.K. addresses accusations of insensitivity stemming from a Twitter controversy, and offers advice for couples making classic gender mistakes.

Monday July 16, 2012

TDS: A Simple Plot of Two Headed Fish

The Daily Show uncovers massive corporate corruption in Idaho.

Last night on The Daily Show reporter Aasif Mandvi had a segment in which he blows the lid off of a statewide conspiracy involving Simplot, one of the states biggest companies that has been polluting all over Idaho. The story begins with a two-headed trout found in a stream in Idaho and works its way up to a corruption of not just Simplot but also the EPA.

Its well worth a watch; Aasif doubles down on the laughter to make the seriousness of the case go down easier.

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