Bruce Willis: Massive Property Damage

Includes footage from Die Hard, Die Harder, Die Hard With a Vengeance, Live Free or Die Hard, the trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard, Armageddon, Bandits, The Color of Night, Cop Out, Death Becomes Her, Hostage, Hudson Hawk, Last Man Standing, Lucky Number Slevin, Mercury Rising, Pulp Fiction, RED, Sin City, Striking Distance, Surrogates, Tears of the Sun, The Fifth Element, The Jackal, The Last Boy Scout, The Expendables 2, & The Whole Nine Yards with Matthew "The Human Salteen" Perry.

Made by Bryan Menegus for Slacktory.

RAP NEWS 15: Big Brother is WWWatching You Juice Rap News: Episode 15 - Big Brother is WWWatching You. September 2012 rocks around with some crucial developments in the ongoing struggle over the future of the internet. Will it remain the one open frequency where humanity can bypass filters and barriers; or become the greatest spying machine ever imagined?

The future is being decided as we type. Across Oceania, States have been erecting and installing measures to legalise the watching, tracking and storage of data of party-members and proles alike. If they proceed, will this place ever be the same? Join our plucky host Robert Foster as he conducts an incisive analysis of the situation at hand. Joining him are newly appointed Thought Police General at the Pentopticon, Darth O'Brien Baxter, and a surprisingly lucid Terence Winston Moonseed. Once again, in the midst of this Grand Human Experiment, we are forced to ask tough questions about our future. Will it involve a free internet which will continue to revolutionise the way the world communicates with itself? Or is our picture of the future a Boot stamping on this Human InterFace forever?

Spiritualized: Hey Jane, NSFW

In the grim, gritty, NSFW video for Spiritualized's "Hey Jane", directed by AG Rojas, the everyday life of a trans person culminates in a series of violent altercations.

Movie Middle Fingers, NSFW

Supercut of Movie characters flipping the bird, giving the finger, flipping someone off.

Music: Cee Lo Green "Fuck You!"

David Blaine Street Magic Part 4: Official!

After some time away, David Blaine rises again to torment his favorite effeminate victims. And they're definitely in FOUR some serious magic.

Follow The Fake David Blaine on Twitter for some magical tweets!!/FakeDavidBlaine

This is the OFFICIAL David Blaine Street Magic Part 4. Any other videos claiming to be Parts 4, 5 or 6 and featuring that weird Zaoza guy are not official videos in the series. They are web commercials for a French multimedia company.

Doug Stanhope: On Why Your Opinion Doesn't Matter

Doug informs us that our opinions do not matter. And quite right too, he is.

Doug Stanhope - Voice of America*

*Mr Stanhope's views do not necessarily represent those of America

"I'm Doug Stanhope and that's why I drink."

Rebound: Legend of Earl the Goat Manigault

Kareem Abdul Jabbar called The Goat the best basketball player he ever saw, giving him chills up and down his spine.

Musical backdrop:

Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues

The Temptations - Cloud Nine

Up in Smoke: Short Version, Man!

This Cheech and Chong movie doesn't have enough F-words to justify a "fucking short version," but it does use the word "man" well over 300 times.