We Will Forget

Fueled by his religious beliefs, Robert Fitzpatrick spent over one hundred thousand dollars of his life savings on subway ads warning that the world would end on May 21st, 2011. 'We Will Forget' follows Robert in the weeks leading up to the 21st, and ultimately to Times Square where he awaits the rapture with fellow believers, onlookers, and naysayers.

Directed by Garret Harkawik

Stingray: Feature Presentation

This is my own fan edit which makes use of the unused linking materials shot for the feature presentation of the Pilot, An Echo of Danger, Raptures of the Deep & Emergency Marineville. As the whole film had never been assembled, I wanted to do my own version, as well as making some custom titles for it.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Audacious Visions

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson delivers an impassioned plea to the U.S. Congress to hoist America from its economic lethargy by boldly reinvesting in a robust space program.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, 2012 Senate Commerce Hearing on the Future of the U.S. Space Program

"Leaving Earth" by Clint Mansell, from the "Mass Effect 3" Original Soundtrack

"Duck and Cover" PSA (1951)
The History Channel -- "Vietnam in HD"
Aljazeera -- "Four Dead in Ohio"
CBS News -- Fixing the Foreclosure Catastrophe
National Geographic -- "Living on Mars"
Dominic -- "The City Limits"
TimeScapes -- "Rapture by Tom Lowe"
KrasnyKofe -- Victory Parade. June 24, 1945. Moscow. USSR. HQ restored
ReasonTV -- What We Saw at Occupy Wall Street's May Day Protest in NYC
C-SPAN -- "American Artifacts" Preview Clip, Engraving/Printing U.S. Currency
FUNKER530 Daily Combat Footage -- Firefight on Helmet Cam in Afghanistan
Day in the Life -- Microbiology Virology with Prof. Bill Rawlinson
Homelesser -- A Weekend Helping the Homeless
Woodside High School Class of 2011 Graduation in HD

Are You Ready to Rapture?

Very tasteless and NSFW clip.

Are You Ready To Rapture?.... lyrics below

The skies part

as a light shines through

guess who's back

It's the Zombie Jew

He's really pissed

at the unmarried fornicators

the stem cell crusaders

and the butthole invaders

So the towers fell...

And the Earth did quake

Just a little taste of his vengeance

America prepare for your fate!

Cause when the trumpets sound

He will astound

watch the rivers turn to blood!

The sinners cry

the dead will rise

judgement day has come

Are you ready to rapture?

The savior that you spurn

loves you forever!

but the unbelievers must burn

When the Zombie Jew returns!

The Jewish Zombie

Had a virgin for a mommy

He's so confused, life's a mess

When you've got two daddies

And you think you're blessed

So he died for your sins

Came back for your brains

Guilt trippin' till we're all insane!

He needs your money, he reads your mind!

From his theme park in the sky

Are you ready to rapture?

Our savior has returned

He loves you forever!

But the unbelievers must burn

When the Zombie Jew returns!

The Anti-Christ will come as a man of peace

He could be the President

with a microchip implanted by the Beast

He's gonna tempt and tease ya

Use evolution to deceive ya

And when the final battle comes

Will you be a chosen one?

Are you ready to rapture?

On a white horse you will ride

Revenge will be so sweet

When all the heathens burn

And the Zombie Jew returns!


Thunderf00t - Westboro Baptist Church (full interview)

if you find it hard to watch, pity me, I had to sit through this shit!

Blog entry @


Friday 8th July, the Phelp interview. The main reason I thought the Phelps would be fun would be a passage in Luke (also in another gospel I think), where Jesus is describing the end times. Two men in a bed! Jesus says you can get raptured if you are two men in one bed! I also listen to a load of xian radio going across country, and I could make such a great gay sermon from this.

'Remember Lotts Wife! This is clearly a reference to not looking back, and the very next line is about two men in a bed. Jesus is quite clear about his choice of sexes here, he could have said a man and his wife, he could have said a mother and her child, but no, its two men in ONE bed, ONE bed, signifying the one-ness of the two men... etc etc'. This is always what bugs me when people start blathering about being 'scholarly' in Christianity. I've listened to the scholars, and yes of the stupidity they issue forth, this (two men in ONE bed) comment wouldn't even register above the noise!

Anyway bear in mind it was just an idea, and that I had driven from Columbus to Kansas city the previous day, and had no time to prepare at all.

They were very courteous when they greeted me, Megan and Megan, one young and pretty, the other as ugly as her opinions.

I had hoped to try and keep it all on a civilized, clear and logical level, but it became almost instantly obvious that this was a lost cause. The hostility of 'Meg the Eldar' was really something I was unprepared for. The volume, the amount, and the hostility in the pitch of her voice was that of a bitter, bitter woman. Like a dog that's been tormented daily till all it knows how to do is attack anything that comes within biting distance. The daughter, I had the feeling was only there for eye-candy, or was just there as a spectator so Meg the Eldar could show her how to properly hate something not of the cult. The daughter spoke softly and had it just been me and her we might have made some progress. She had a venomfangx look to her. Every argument had a 'memorized by rote' unthought through answer, but given time it might have been possible to untangle some of the mess. But alas, Meg the Eldar, from the very start was throwing in pointless insults at every opportunity, 'your nothing special' 'your country is worthless' 'your mother...' etc etc. Water off a ducks back for me of course, I've had more shit thrown at me than that before. Battle-hardened to the childish feces flinging :-) . Eventually, I decided that Meg the Eldar could not be allowed to streamroller the events by doing 90 % of the talking, only 5% of which was relevant, but when I accosted her about it she threatened repeatedly to leave.

Realizing that she essentially had the trump card of just walking out, I went for the 'Jesus endorses homosexuality' gambit.

It hit the spot, and they 'RAGE-QUIT'. The great thing was though that Meg the Eldar acknowledged that women should be grinding mill with rocks when the rapture happens.


After that back on the road, and drove for a LONG time. Made it to Colorado Springs by dusk, and stopped off at a coffee shop to upload some stuff, catch up with email etc. But by this time I was a spent wraith. My plan had been to head up to the mountains and find some quiet forest road to park on. Eyeballing the map 'Cripples Creek' looked fun. Boy did I get it wrong. I was expecting things to get quiet and empty very quickly. Not a bit of it, turns out its all ski resorts etc up there. Nothing worse that having to drive on and on and on in the dark when you are exhausted. But alas no alternatives. Eventually gave up and found a larger siding and just crashed out. I had figured the traffic would die off quickly after midnight, but not a bit of it. There was a steady stream of cars, every minute or so throughout the night. I just couldn't figure it out. Where were they coming from and going too? To me this looked like a road to nowhere. At any rate I woke up in the night to see Jupiter rising over the mountains. First time I've seen him this year! Hopefully nearer opposition I will get a team together to do a global planetary timelapse!

Harold Camping: Rapture Postponed

Harold Camping has released a statement about the May 21st Rapture date that has come and passed. Camping has stated a slight miscalculation due to an oversight in his readings. The Rapture is still coming very, very soon.

Judgement Day Has Come and Gone

May 21 is Judgement Day. In this video Potholer54 makes some predictions about what the people predicting Judgement Day will say when they're still here on May 22.

After the Rapture

It happened before the expected time of 6pm, but Harold Camping's May 21, 2011 prediction has come true. Everything has changed. It is now a world without Christians.

TimeScapes: Rapture

This is production footage shot over the summer for a debut film, "TimeScapes," a modern portrait of the American Southwest.

Follow the production of the film at: twitter.com/?timescapes

Also here: timescapes.org and here timescapes.org/?blog

A huge thank you to the assistants/Associate Producers who helped film this, Dustin Kukuk (twitter.com/?drkanab), Nilo Recalde (twitter.com/?nilomr) and Chris M (twitter.com/?visceralway). And, as always, most sincere and humble respect goes to Ron Fricke, Mark Magidson, Terrence Malick and Godfrey Reggio.

Thank you to sponsors: Canon USA, Kessler Crane, camBLOCK, Vinten & KATA.

Music is by the film's composer Nigel "John" Stanford: johnstanfordmusic.com Make sure to turn the volume and bass way up!

Bioshock Infinite: Debut Trailer

For the third episode of Bioshock, the saga leaves the underwater city of Rapture and takes you to the air floating city of Columbia.