Time: 10 Questions for Questlove

The Roots' drummer talks about his new book, the influence of Stevie Wonder, and his band's success on Late Night.

From Time Magazine.

A Spike Lee Joint: Bamboozled

Bamboozled is a 2000 satirical film written and directed by Spike Lee about a modern televised minstrel show featuring black actors donning blackface makeup and the violent fall-out from the show's success. The film was given a limited release by New Line Cinema during the fall of 2000, and was released on DVD the following year. Starring Damon Wayans, Jada Pinkett Smith, Paul Mooney, Mos Def, Canibus, The Roots, Savion Glover, Tommy Davidson Enjoy an amazing film touching and makes you think.

Questlove: Amy Winehouse Taught Me about Jazz

Before Amy Winehouse died, she wanted to start a "supergroup" that included Questlove of The Roots. The drummer says he misses the British singer, who he calls his "Skype buddy" and teacher of jazz music. (March 13)

Why GOP Policies don't Address Income Disparities in America

In less than 30 years, the income of the wealthiest one percent of Americans increased 275 percent, while the income of bottom fifth increased just 20 percent. Jennifer Granholm talks to journalists David Cay Johnston and Charles M. Blow about the roots of income inequality in America.
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History of Rap Pt 2 w/ Justin Timberlake

They've done it again! Tonight Justin Timberlake joined Jimmy and The Roots to perform another glorious medley of hip hop songs through the ages. You do NOT want to miss this!

Ted Talks: Stefano Mancuso: The Roots of Plant Intelligence

Plants behave in some oddly intelligent ways: fighting predators, maximizing food opportunities ... But can we think of them as actually having a form of intelligence of their own? Italian botanist Stefano Mancuso presents intriguing evidence.