I Love You So Hard

The full film of I Love You So hard. All 4 parts of the BAFTA nominated animation.

A collaboration between Joel Veitch and Ross Butter

Vampire Mermaids = Merpire!

Merpire is a movie about mermaid vampires! Merpire follows the story of Melvin, Melvin the Merman who becomes a Merpire. In the tradition of MegaShark VS Giant Octopus comes MERPIRE! Nom, Nom, Nom!

What a Cool Trick!

Quick animation that took a surprising amount of time.

I just made the audio portion about 2 or 3 weeks ago when I got the idea of making this video. I animated the boy's speech portion in Korea and finished everything off when I got back to America. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Little Inferno (first teaser)

First teaser for "Little Inferno", the next game from the designers of World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth.

More info: http://LittleInferno.com

Made by: http://TomorrowCorporation.com

Featuring Mr. Travis Hill as the "narrator".

The Flying Car Debate

This short is a discussion of the absence of the "flying car" and the hypothetical question posed asking "what would you do to get a flying car?"

Fist of Jesus

Before using it on himself, Jesus tried the come back from death trick on other people, with debatable results.

A short film by Adrin Cardona and David Muoz.

The Ellington Kid: Vice Shorts

In a typical South London kebab shop Nathan tells Beefy a story. It's a story he's heard about the Ellington kid, who got stabbed and found refuge in the very kebab shop they are sitting in.

Directed by Dan Sully