Scottish Insults

Erse like a bag o' washing - Arse like a bag of washing
Awa' n bile yer heid - Away and boil your head
Face like a skelpt erse - Face like a slapped arse
Get it up ye - get it up you
Yer maw's got baws n yer da' loves it - Your mum has testicles and your dad loves it
Shut yer geggie - Shut your mouth

Molly Madness

Molly, a powdered form of the drug MDMA, is exploding in popularity across the United States. Formerly marketed in pill form as Ecstasy, Molly is a total rebrand.

From the Discovery Channel

Hari Kondabolu: Matthew McConaughey on Gay Rights

Hari Kondabolu discusses a Matthew McConaughey interview in The Advocate where he talks about gay rights and tolerance.

Stand-up comedy filmed at The Neptune in Seattle on March 29, 2014.

From Hari Kondabolu