Working from Home

A young man gets assalted by a sex starved model while he is trying to get some work done on his incredably small notebook computer.

Your basic Geek boy fantasy.

Viral for some computer.

PES: Furniture Porn, Roof Sex

Welcome to the HOTTEST site on the Web for hardcore furniture sex! If you're ready to see some hot, horny home furnishings get their freak on then you're in the right place!! You won't believe what our furniture will do! It'll make you pop your springs and throw your pillows!!

Naked News

"Programming with nothing to hide."
Unbiased news read by naked newscasters.


Set in a surreal, historically grounded seaborne universe of pirates and buccaneers, "Maakies" follows the disturbingly unhappy adventures of Drinky Crow, a cute lil' alcoholic consistently bent on consuming his fix, and Uncle Gabby, a monkey with a penchant for rum and battle.

Many episodes are gleefully, savagely violent.

Quite a few make some sort of reference to sex, or sexual dysfunction.

Suicide, (typically by gunshot) is ever-present Uncle Gabby and Drinky Crow repeatedly die bloody deaths.