Vi Hart: Reel

Vi has some very creative video with her notebook and lead pencil.

"This isn't the epic video I've been working on for months, I just couldn't sleep last night and had been reading too much Borges so this fell out."

ViHart: Thanksgiving Birds Nested in Trees

Vihart completes her Mathematically inspired Thanksgiving feast.

Turkey, stuffed with two ducks, each stuffed with two chickens, each stuffed with two quail (close enough). So what's your favourite naming scheme: breadth-first, depth-first, or inordered binary tree traversal?

Borromean Onion Rings

Borromean Onion Rings, the perfect way to top your Green Bean Matherole! Borromean onion rings were invented by special guest Marc ten Bosch (

Also shown are gelatinous cranberry cylinder, bread spheres and butter prism, mathed potatoes, apple pie, and pumpkin tau.

Vi Hart: Hexaflexagons 2

Happy October, Month of the Hexaflexagon! Oct. 21st is the annual Celebration of Mind, in honor of Martin Gardner. Maybe you'd like to host or attend a flexagon party sometime around then, or learn about other awesome Martin Gardnery things. Here's the official celebration website:

This video is based on a true story. Arthur H. Stone invented the Hexaflexagon and started a flexagon committee with his friends Tuckerman, Feynman, and Tukey (who all later became well-known in their respective fields). Tuckerman invented the Tuckerman Traverse, and Feynman invented Feynman Diagrams (not to be confused with Feynman Diagrams in physics, which is probably why flexagon diagrams are usually not called Feynman Diagrams anymore).

Doodling in Math Class: Connecting Dots

Anti-parabola propoganda, plus musing on math class, cardioids, connect the dots, envelopes of lines, even a bit of origami.

Extra points to a certain Andrea whose line-enveloped Hilbert curve inspired me to finish this video.

Vihart's Song - "No Real Solution"

This is dedicated to Vihart - she may be the only person who can solve this.


Vihart, Vihart,
You won, my heart
With a spirally spiralling video
And now I@m writing this to let you know that
I can't, I can't
Solve this inequality
I was wondering if you would kindly
Please help me?

Vihart, Vihart,
Your videos are works of art,
The one on wau plus the one on tau
Gives me the courage to ask this now
For I shan't, I shan't,
Sleep till I've seen proof
Don't obscure what you say at risk of getting further from the truth

I imagine that the "i" must be
One of the roots of minus one, but I can't see
How the characters proceeding it
Are, mathematically speaking, supposed to fit

Vihart is it true
Is "i" less than 3u?
Less than 3, less than 3
I see it all the time, what does it mean?

Calculators cannot help,
After all they're just machines
I'm troubled too, by the u
Is it meant to be a constant value?

The only possiblity
Is that u must be imaginary
I've worked out that the "i" must be
One of the roots of minus one, but still I can't see
I'm plotting it on an Argand Diagram
Still I'm struggling to understand

Vihart is it true
Is "i" less than 3u?
I could accept that i must be
Forever apart from u, destined never to meet
Unless there's something I have missed
Some kind of clever mathematical trick

Vihart I know that you'll come through
The problem must not be above you
As by now you've realised that I...

All music, lyrics and low-quality drawings by "me."

Vi Hart: What Was Up with Pythagoras?

Pythagoras had a problem with beans and irrationality. What really happened? I don't know! The square root of two is irrational, and beans are delicious.