Charlie Chaplin: Let Us All Unite!

Chaplin's 1940 anti-fascist speech from The Great Dictator, as a song. Subscribe for more like this!

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The Great Dictator:;=1


The Greatest Speech Ever Made:

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Dinosaur Office Remix (by StonysSteffComedy)

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My remix of sights and sounds recorded around Bhutan. 'Kadinchey' in Bhutanese means Thank You.

Roger Troutman on The Talkbox

Roger Troutman from the band Zapp gives an interview with amazing demonstrations of him playing a Minimoog through a talkbox.

F**k Everything (Jon Lajoie)

Written and directed by Jon Lajoie
Produced by Brandon Dermer and Jon Lajoie
Producers - Austin C. Bedell and Melissa Marin
Director of Photography - Cody Jacobs
1st AD - Seth Farley
Editor - Brad Conlin
Production Designer - Jess Greske
Production Coordinator - Alisha Ketry and Sarah Charmoli
1st AC - Jacqueline Stahl
Gaffer - Brandon Wilson
Key Grip - Andrew Dickieson
Electric - Gabriel Patay
Grip - Jason Arnot
Production Design Assistant - Caroline Louis
Makeup and Hair - Alicia Mizrahi
Production Assistants - Evan Rosenberg, Matt Groesch, Gabe Younes
Coffee Shop Girl: Erin Stack

Auto-Tune the News #12: Weed & Lesbians

The possibility of California marijuana legalization and suggestion of Supreme Court lesbianism inspire rousing choruses from concerned/excited news personalities.

Produced by The Gregory Brothers. More on us:

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The market value of pot would go down, down, down if we legalize it
Then supersize it
Right now, now, now
$4,000 an ounce
That's way too much
$400 an ounce
That's ten times the blunts
We need to smoke a little more pot, right? right right now, now, now
That huge profit margin would go down, down, down if pot were legal
For the needy people
Right now, now, now
Does it lead to harder drugs?
No more than cigarettes
No, absolutely not
It leads to happiness
We need to smoke a little more pot, right? right. Right now, now, now
A photo of supreme court nominee Elena Kagan shows Kagan playing softball
Uh, uh...
That's been sort of a signal like 2 men sunbathing together on a beach
Or something like that
The immediate implication is that they're gay
That's all, I've, I've known that for a long time
And as soon as I saw that picture
I knew the implication:
She's gay, she's gay!
I saw the allegation:
she's gay, she's gay!
Her sexual orientation
Significant in her confirmation
Is she gaaaaay? (a lesbian, lesbian)
Is she gaaaaaay? (a gay, gay lesbian)
Is she gaaay? (GAY)
Is she gaaay? (GAY)
Is she gaaaaaay? (a gay lesbian, lesbian)
Gay, gay, gay, gay like two men sunbathing together on a beach (3x)
Or something like that
The White House denies her gayness
But she got Village People on her iPod playlist
There's nothing wrong with a little levity
When we're short on thoughts and long on brevity
Is she gaaaaay? (a lesbian, lesbian)......
we're having a conversation
about the implication
of sexual orientation
a silly allegation
of extreme exaggeration
and pointless information
when it comes to confirmation
You would have to smooooke
14 joints in 1960
Today minus 50
To get just as hiiiigh
As in 2010 with just 1 joint
Goin back in time always disappoints
Isn't that amazing?
It's gonna be crazy in 2060
If we legalize marijuana
It would be a very dark day
In California
Dark with smooooke
Very bad idea
Would it balance our budget?
It would not!
Half of voters favor legalizing pot
If we legalize marijuana
It would be a dark, dark day
Very bad!
A dark, dark best day I'd ever have
A dark, dark, dark, dark, dark dark day.


America's most recent ex-president Bush and most famous Kanye settle their longtime beef with repentance, forgiveness, and soothing refrains.

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Hater intro: Bbm - Fm - Gb - Ebm

Look at his face: Ebm - Ebm/Db - Ebm/B - Abm - Bbm

Chorus: Ebm - Ab - Bbm - Fm - Gb - Db (rpt)


Verse 1:

I'm not a hater.

I'm, I'm not a hater.

I'm not a hater.

I'm, I'm not a hater.

I'm not a hater.

I'm, I'm not a hater.

I'm not a hater.

I'm, I'm not a hater.

Just look at his face. Just look, just look at him.

I didn't need you guys to show me this face.

I'm just asking you, look at his face.

Pre looking at his face,

I came here to man up to mistakes that I made.

I came here to say that I've grown as a person.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

You made it about the race.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

We're human, we make mistakes.

Look at his face.

Look at his face.

Does your faith allow to you forgive Kanye West?


Look at his face.

Do you forgive Kanye?

I, I love Conway.

Do you forgive Kanye?

I, I love Conway.