Reunion between Anita and the Wolves

Anita had not been in Polar Zoo in about 2 months. When she returned i had the chance to film her first meeting in a long time with the wolves she spent a long time socializing from 16th of May 2008. The video is recorded in Polar Zoo and any questions related to socializing process should be taken with them. For more information about the socialized wolf pack go to

Edinburgh Zoo: Ultrasound Snail

Edinburgh Zoo is celebrating Love Your Zoo week 2013 with a series of videos that go behind the scenes with our Head of Veterinary Services, Simon Girling and, Veterinary Surgeon, Romain Pizzi. From training rhinos to keyhole surgery, we hope to give you an insight into the highly skilled expertise involved in caring for our animal collection.

True Facts About The Tapir

Young tapirs have brown hair with white stripes and spots, a pattern which enables them to hide effectively in the dappled light of the forest.

Otters Enjoying an Easter Egg Hunt

It may have been cold, but the otters didn't let that dampen their Easter spirit as they got stuck into an Easter egg hunt at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

Kali the Orphaned Polar Bear Cub

Orphan of the ice: Polar bear whose mother was shot dead is nursed back to health

An adorable polar bear cub orphaned after its mother was shot dead has been making the most of its temporary home at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage.

Named Kali by the residents of Point Lay on Alaska's northwest coast who found him, the four-month-old cub is being held for observation at the zoo.

Despite his cuteness, the zoo will not be keeping the polar bear according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Bruce Woods - he will eventually be transferred to another zoo - possibly out of the state.

Acrobatic New Lemurs Move in

A group of six new female lemurs have moved in at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. See how these adventurous arrivals reacted to their new home.

Tickling Slow Loris: The Truth

Please visit to find out more about the Little Fireface Project and what you can do to save the slow loris!

Slow loris researcher Professor Anna Nekaris visits the illegal wildlife markets in Java Indonesia to see if the protected slow loris is for sale. Please remember even the best zoos find it difficult to breed lorises in captivity, and hardly any zoos hold lorises world-wide. 'Pet shops' in Japan, Russia and Poland claiming to sell lorises in nurseries almost inevitable obtain them smuggled from markets like this one.

So when you watch 'Loris with Umbrella,' 'Tickling Slow Loris,' or 'Slow Loris Eating Sticky Rice,' remember that thousands of animals died for that single animal to be filmed. Remember that even the best zoos have difficulty keeping lorises alive. Remember you are seeing a few seconds of video. Please don't support the illegal wildlife trade. All lorises are threatened with extinction in the wild.

A Dating Guide for Seahorses

Learn about the love life of our Seahorses and pick up a few dating tips this Valentine's Day ahead of the launch of ZSL London Zoo's new Seahorse exhibit on Saturday February 16th.

3 Minute Wonder: Some Thoughts by Karl Pilkington, Life

Episode 1: Life

His whole world is round.

Tx Date: 14th August 2006 - 19:55-20:00

3 Minute Wonder is a documentary shorts strand that follows Channel 4 News. In August 2006 Karl Pilkington made four films called Some Thoughts by Karl Pilkington. Each of these films had a general theme that Karl would reflect on, with Karl talking via voiceover or to camera as he did things such as visiting museums, going on holiday, lying in bed and going to the zoo. The films are all about three minutes long.